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Facebook is one of the most popular and active social media platforms ever. Since everyone seems to be on it, schools should absolutely be using it as a interactive marketing tool to connect with students, parents, alumni and prospects. In some ways, it is even better than a website since it allows people to share information and connect with others. It has a much broader reach. In this post, we’ll explore 7 different ways your school can use Facebook Pages.

1. Share Photos and Videos – Sports tournament? Recital? Graduation? Mayor visiting your school?  Use Facebook to share those pictures and video clips. As they say, ‘a picture is worth thousand words’… and a video is worth a thousand pictures! Here is a great example of a how Walnut Hill School used Facebook photos to create their unique yearbook.

  • Advantage:  People can ‘like’ and comment on pictures and videos, sharing them with their friends and fans. You never know when that amazing picture or video might go viral!

2. Make Announcements – Admission Deadline? PTA meeting? Let your current and prospective parents know about the deadlines. You can also use Facebook to update parents in case of emergency.

  • Advantage: Reach parents in an efficient way without flooding their inbox. Parents can also collaborate, ask questions and get answers.

3. Create Events & RSVPs – Creating events in Facebook is simple. Just provide details of the events, allow RSVPs from attendees, and post updates. Facebook shows it on your school page schedule, saving your time in sending reminders.  See how The Country Schools uses Facebook to create events.

  • Advantage: Gain insights on what kind of events generated the most interest.

4. Community Forum  Facebook can be a place where students, parents, alumni, prospects and your school can interact. Use it to discuss general topics, create polls and answer questions.

  • Advantage: Generate interest and collaboration among your audience. As a bonus, you may get some great ‘marketing’ ideas based on what they’re saying!

5. Show School Pride – Going to basketball game? Give your fans the details. Won that game? Update your Facebook status to let your fans know. Another great way to showcase school pride is to invite your fans to submit photos that represent their love for your school. You can then use these as the cover photos on your Facebook timeline. See the example of Sheridan School showing their school pride through Facebook.

  • Advantage: Keep your audience engaged. Who doesn’t love sharing and showing their school pride?

6. School Timeline – With the new Facebook timeline, you can share your history all the way from the beginning by highlighting milestones, pictures from different years, etc.

  • Advantage: A fun way to introduce fun facts and important achievements of your school.

7. Virtual Tour – When everything is moving online, why not move the campus tour too. And better yet, integrate it into Facebook to reach a larger audience. Virtual tours are great tools for students and parents to explore the campus, get 360 views of the beautiful campus and glimpse of campus life from the comfort of their homes.

  • Advantage: Serve the out-of-town students and international students. Allow them to interact with the school in a more personal way.

Let me know how your school is using Facebook in the comments section below.

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