Common Applications: The Solution to Declining Enrollment?

November 12, 2014By elynTips & Strategies

In an effort to counter declining enrollment, some Independent schools are considering the idea of implementing shared regional online admission systems that allow candidates to apply to multiple participating schools all at once, otherwise known as “Common Applications”. The idea is that a common application process will be easier, leading to increased applications and increased … Read More

Has Your Online Inquiry Lost Its Mojo?

October 15, 2013By elynUncategorized

It’s a pretty common story across schools that the number of admissions “inquiries” tends to be decreasing. These days, candidates are getting the information they need online, without picking up the phone or filling out a traditional inquiry form. But, in admissions, we know how crucial it is to make a personal connection early. I … Read More

Videos are Worth a Thousand Pictures

August 20, 2013By elynUncategorized

Videos are increasingly becoming one of the most talked about pieces of “marketing” for independent school admissions. There are a lot of questions around when and how to use videos, but it’s really pretty simple.

I Hate to Say It, but Admissions is Sales

August 1, 2013By elynUncategorized

Salespeople. Ick. You’re in admissions because you are passionate about education, you love building relationships with families, you love watching all the kids you recruited over the years grow, develop and graduate. You’re not some slimy “salesperson”, pushing a product. But, wait! You ARE pushing a product: your school, its culture, its values and mission. … Read More

New SchoolAdmin Feature: Online Teacher Recommendations

June 26, 2013By elynUncategorized

Over the past year, the team here at SchoolAdmin has been working diligently to build a new feature into our Admissions Module that we are all really excited about: Online Teacher Recommendations. We talked to admissions directors from across the country, both customers and non-customers, to understand the nuances of each teacher recommendation process, and … Read More

10 Signs your Admissions Software is Holding You Back

June 12, 2013By elynUncategorized

#10: You have to export contact lists to send emails If you are still exporting from your database to excel in order to send a simple email, you are using the wrong admissions software. New software makes sending emails to any group of contacts a piece of cake – no exports, no mail merges. If … Read More

How to Personalize Admissions Emails with Videos

June 7, 2013By elynUncategorized

It wouldn’t be very practical to send your staff door-to-door to greet prospective/current students and parents. However, with the right tools, you can still deliver an extremely personalized experience in a fraction of the time. All you’ll need to start is a camcorder and an email list.

How to Beat the Enrollment Recession: Admissions Process

May 22, 2013By elynUncategorized

In Part 4 – the final installment of the Enrollment Recession Series –  I’ll cover how implementing an online admissions process can help you increase your inquiry and enrollment numbers and stay more competitive in an evolving market. Step 4: Consider Your Admissions Process How cumbersome is your admissions process? Do you allow parents and … Read More