A School’s Guide to Social Media Etiquette

July 17, 2012By elynTips & Strategies

With everyone entering the social media market and it being the status quo to host links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts on your website and in emails, it’s important to remember that there is an unwritten code of conduct. It’s actually been written a number of times in a number of ways however, a … Read More

How to Build a Business Case for School Admissions Software

July 3, 2012By elynTips & Strategies

School Admissions is an extremely tough, yet critical part of any successful Independent School or College. In fact, admissions efforts generally result in more than 80% of a school’s annual revenue. However, admissions teams are frequently left with tools that are unsatisfactory, or in use purely because they came with the school-wide SIS. In talking … Read More

Real Life Hero: SchoolAdmin’s Chairman on a Mission to Save Lives

June 19, 2012By elynNews

We, at SchoolAdmin, are very proud of our Chairman and Co-Founder, Jack Long. A proven entrepreneur, Jack is also the Co-Founder and Chairman and of PeopleAdmin, and a co-founder of Lone Star Overnight. Lone Star Overnight and PeopleAdmin have both been recognized as Inc. 500 companies. Jack has served as an adjunct professor at the … Read More