10 Signs your Admissions Software is Holding You Back

June 12, 2013By elynUncategorized

#10: You have to export contact lists to send emails If you are still exporting from your database to excel in order to send a simple email, you are using the wrong admissions software. New software makes sending emails to any group of contacts a piece of cake – no exports, no mail merges. If … Read More

How to Personalize Admissions Emails with Videos

June 7, 2013By elynUncategorized

It wouldn’t be very practical to send your staff door-to-door to greet prospective/current students and parents. However, with the right tools, you can still deliver an extremely personalized experience in a fraction of the time. All you’ll need to start is a camcorder and an email list.

How to Beat the Enrollment Recession: Admissions Process

May 22, 2013By elynUncategorized

In Part 4 – the final installment of the Enrollment Recession Series –  I’ll cover how implementing an online admissions process can help you increase your inquiry and enrollment numbers and stay more competitive in an evolving market. Step 4: Consider Your Admissions Process How cumbersome is your admissions process? Do you allow parents and … Read More

How to Beat the Enrollment Recession: Values & Relationships

May 3, 2013By elynUncategorized

In Part 2 of “How to Beat the Enrollment Recession,” we covered inbound and outbound marketing. In Part 3, we’ll discuss how to define your values through establishing your mission and vision, and how these values can help strengthen your relationships and shape your future. We’ll also cover some practical tips on how to incorporate … Read More

How to Beat the Enrollment Recession: Marketing

April 25, 2013By elynUncategorized

In Part One of this series, we covered admissions and enrollment analytics and how they can help boost enrollment numbers. Now we’ll talk about inbound and outbound marketing. While many schools already have campaigns in place, it is easy to forget their importance during the hectic enrollment and admissions season. When your time is limited … Read More

How to Beat the Enrollment Recession: Analytics

April 18, 2013By elynUncategorized

According to recent data released by the census bureau, private school enrollment has dropped significantly in the past decade. From 2002 to 2010 private school enrollment dropped from 5.4 million students to 4.5 million students, a nearly 17% decrease.

The New Rules for Charter School Marketing in 2013

April 11, 2013By elynUncategorized

Where does your charter school stand in the age of smartphones, social media, and digital automation? Are using these technologies to your advantage or letting them fall to the wayside while other charter schools take the lead? An increasing number of charters schools are turning to the latest online tools and seeing great improvements. You, too, … Read More

6 School Admissions & Enrollment Blogs with Post Ideas

March 14, 2013By elynUncategorized

Is admissions and enrollment blogging for schools really driving inbound marketing? I recently went on a quest to find out. I specifically wanted to learn how school admissions teams were using blogging to increase the success of their admissions & enrollment programs. In my search, I stumbled across six schools that really shine in their admissions … Read More

The Value of Tracking Consultants or Agents in Your Admissions CRM

November 29, 2012By elynUncategorized

I recently saw a question posted by an Admissions officer on Linkedin, “Does anyone have specific CRM software for keeping in touch with your consultants, placement office, etc.? If so, what are the advantages?” Many of our customers, especially those that accept international students, have talked with us about why they believe it is crucial to … Read More