SchoolAdmin is a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, where we believe in the power of relationships and work hard with each of our schools to be the leading software for admissions and enrollment. Seriously, we love working with admissions and enrollment professionals and understand your role. As a SchoolAdmin client, you have access to countless “tools” to help you achieve your goals. I got to sit down and talk with our awesome customer service and implementation team about some of their most favorite features.

5 Powerful Features Within SchoolAdmin:


Communication Plans

A communication plan is a strategic plan for communicating with families in a targeted and personalized way. Currently, only about 34% of our schools are utilizing communication plans and many of those schools are still not taking full advantage of all of its functionality. They are used to help personalize the admissions process and save you time by automating common tasks.

Within SchoolAdmin, you have the capability to boost your funnel conversions by personalizing the communications with all of your families at the right time in the right way – automatically. We see schools increase their yield because they are able to cater their messaging to each individual family, save time by eliminating routine tasks and automating their communication to families in a personalized way.

What can you do with SchoolAdmin communication plans?

With an unlimited number of plans that you are able to build, SchoolAdmin allows your imagination to go wild and ensures that no one falls through the cracks! You have the capability to build communication plans for your inquiry, admissions and enrollment process. For each plan, you can create triggers that automate system actions that generate in response to parent or admin actions. Therefore, you can streamline internal processes by creating reminders or emails automatically not only for your families but also internally with your team. You can save time by eliminating routine tasks as well as automatically provide useful information to your inquiry, applicant, or enrolling families as they progress through the admissions process.


Review Module

Your review committee meets frequently during the admissions season to analyze the completed application pool and make the best recommendation for which students should be accepted to your school. Each school varies on how often they have to meet and discuss each student, look over academic and extra-curricular interests, review their character, test scores, supportive parents, etc. Overall, this can be a very difficult and time-consuming process for both your team and your families.

SchoolAdmin’s Review Module can free up much of your time and allows your committee to review students on their own free time. As you may know, SchoolAdmin is web-based, you can work and review students in the comfort of your home! You are able to combine all the information collected during the student’s application process into an easy-to-read package for your readers to score and make any notes and recommendations. Also, as an admin, you can send kind reminders to members of your committee for them to finish their review process. After everyone has sorted through the applications, all the notes and input from the readers are collected into a summary list that facilitates committee meetings decision making. Admissions staff can filter out students based on their preliminary review decisions in the filter options and then perform a bulk status change to set the final decisions such as accepted, waitlisted, denied, etc.

No matter the process, the Review Committee has to weigh many factors beyond the quality of the candidate including, but not limited to, class balance, financial aid, scholarships, and legacy. Our hope is that SchoolAdmin Reviews can help facilitate the review process to allow schools to focus on the important decisions, and not get bogged down in the management of the process.


Text Messaging

Another great feature that was launched in 2017 is text messaging. With SchoolAdmin you can use your pre-defined templates to send out text messages to all of your families during the inquiry and admissions process. You have the capability to send your messages in bulk from list pages or via the contact record much in the same way as emails.

Side note: SchoolAdmin text messaging is not designed or intended to be used as part of an emergency alert or crisis management system.  

CS Pro Tips: We are seeing schools use this feature in their automated communication plans to remind families of their upcoming appointments (shadow day, tour, in-person interview, etc.), to remind families of deadlines and when contracts are available. Just as you use email templates, you can send short texts to your families.

As a best practice with using this feature, be short and sweet with your messages. Aim for equal to or less than 160 characters to reduce the chances of your note being separated into multiple messages. However, there is no limit to the number of characters you are able to send.


Bulk File Upload

After conducting a recent report, it was determined that only 15% of our schools use this feature. How shocking! We know you deal with a lot of paper, even though you have online forms we all somehow get some paper on our desk. Within the bulk file upload tool, you can upload a single PDF file that contains multiple pages of documents that belong to multiple kids. The system will then analyze the file looking for student names and will then create suggestions for each page within that file. All you have to do is confirm matches or manually select the correct match if a match wasn’t found, or if the wrong contact was suggested. Once all matches have been confirmed, submit the file for processing.

This feature can eliminate a significant amount of time for you and your team. You no longer have to individually upload a form and search for the right person to attach it under within SchoolAdmin. The bulk file upload feature is the step in the right direction to eliminate paper within your admissions office.


Document Request

With the Document Request Form feature, parents and admins are able to submit a request for transcripts or other relevant documents from another school or outside organization and have the documents uploaded directly into SchoolAdmin. There is a faster turn-around for checklist items being marked complete automatically once the requested document(s) have been uploaded by the requester. Also, parents can track the completion of requested items and will receive an automated email notification once the document(s) have been received by the school.

Another great perk is that the document file upload feature has seamless integration with Online Reviews, as the uploaded files can be easily displayed in the Review packet, without manual file uploads by schools.  

CS Pro Tips:  As an admin within SchoolAdmin, you are able to create custom email templates for each step of the admissions process or use generic pre-built emails. The reasons this feature was designed and built for our schools was because of the need to request transcripts from their feeder schools. Since it’s launch, we are seeing schools utilize this tool by requesting not only transcripts but also school visit observation forms from their teachers.

Among all of these tools, another special feature we have for you is our SchoolAdmin Home Room, a Slack channel created just for you to collaborate on thought leadership and ask how other schools fully utilize SchoolAdmin.  Ask us how to join/how to use it.

Share with us your favorite SchoolAdmin features are in the comments below!

As a SchoolAdmin client, you have our awesome customer support team by your side to help you set up and understand how to use these features. Please sign in to your SchoolAdmin sit and connect with our Client Service team by clicking on ‘Contact Support’.

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