Powerful, Customizable CRM

Beautifully clean records

Who talked with this candidate last? What did they talk about? What are their interests? Where are they in the admissions process? At a glance, you can learn all about someone with a quick scan of their record.

Flexible workflow management for your school

SchoolAdmin helps you keep your Enrollment Management workflow in order. With multiple checklists, a dashboard, and filterable list pages for prospects, inquiries, applicants, review, waitlists, and enrollments, you'll always be on top of things.

Sophisticated search and reporting, with unlimited custom fields

With our easy-to-use search tool and unlimited custom fields, you can make data-driven decisions that help you and your school achieve your goals.

Lead Nurturing & Personalized Communications

Send personalized emails based on your inquiry and admissions workflow

Share your story with prospective families by creating automated communication plans that:

  • Personalize the admissions process
  • Stand apart from other schools
  • Help you meet your enrollment goals
  • Save you time
Create automated internal reminders

Never miss a step in your process with automated internal reminders for you and your staff.

Personalized emails & letter generation

Want to engage applicants who are interested in the fantastic programs your school offers? Personalize the emails from your school by tailoring them to the interests of your applicant families. Generate custom letters and labels directly within SchoolAdmin, so your acceptance letters, open house invites, and thank you notes can be done with ease.

Text messaging

If you really need their attention, there's no better outreach than a quick text. With SchoolAdmin, you can match your communication channels to best serve your community.

Inquiry Management

Dynamic inquiry forms

It all starts with an online form. A form that starts a dialogue with a prospective family; that asks intelligent and relevant follow-up questions; that invites candidates to campus for events that matter to them. All while getting you actionable data.

Embedded event scheduling

Drive prospective students to your inquiry to RSVP for admissions events that matter to them - on dates and times that work for you. 

Smart inquiry checklist

An intelligent system makes all the difference. A system that analyzes the profiles of your candidates; that suggests the appropriate individual follow-up based on their unique characteristics; that enables you to communicate very targeted messages in seconds. 

Innovative Admissions

Responsive application process

Allow parents to easily manage the application process. Provide parents quick access to their child’s application and the ability to save their work and come back later to finish.

Dynamic application checklist

Different admissions requirements for different grades? Day vs. boarding? Domestic vs. international? SchoolAdmin makes this easy. Each application checklist will be generated automatically based on your process and rules. As parents provide additional information, the checklist can automatically update to reflect the necessary steps.

Seriously impressed candidates

When applicants can see everything that is required of them and complete these requirements online with ease, they will take note. SchoolAdmin can help you make the right impression on your families.

Mobile Friendly

Over 30% of parents apply and engage with schools via a mobile device. SchoolAdmin's parent portal is designed and tested to work on phones and tablets so you don't miss out on inquiries and applications and parents can stay engaged in the process.

Online Recommendations

Feedback that you need

Whether you need one recommendation form or many, SchoolAdmin’s Online Recommendations can be fully customized to meet your specific needs. With smart fields and Likert scales you can get the information that helps you identify the right students for your school.

Simple and confidential for recommenders

Submitted recommendation forms are completely confidential. You can rest assured that they will never be seen by the applicant. The forms are also digitally signed for authentication purposes and include the IP address of the teacher.

Real Time Progress Status

No more phone tag to ensure the recommendation forms get completed on time. With real-time progress status available in the parent and administrative portal, all parties can see the status of the recommendation 24/7.

Efficient Appointment Scheduling

Let parents easily book online

Create scheduling calendars for visits, interviews, test dates or play dates. Let parents book appointments with your school online, at their convenience from the inquiry form or via a checklist within their Admissions portal.

End back-and-forth calls

Set up your calendar with the times you are available and allow parents choose from those times. 

Automatic email reminders

Ever had a parent forget to show up for a school visit? End missed appointments with automatic confirmation and reminder emails to candidates.

Online Reading and Scoring

Delight your readers

With SchoolAdmin, your committee members can read and score files from their computer or iPad. Easily collect interactive notes, customized scoring, and summaries for each and every candidate in your funnel.

Make decisions faster

Make committee meetings much more efficient with our candidates summary view where you can filter, sort, and compare review data side-by-side as you build your incoming class.

Quit printing

Save time (and a few trees) by no longer printing, sorting and stuffing folders.

Contract & Registration Management

Custom contracts in a few clicks

SchoolAdmin allows you generate hundreds of contracts in minutes, automatically assigning the right tuition, fees and discounts based on your rules. 

Fully enroll students, faster

Allowing families to sign electronically, pay deposits, complete registration forms and upload documents online really speeds up new and re-enrollment. SchoolAdmin schools have over half their contracts signed, with deposit paid, within the first 6 days of issuing them.

Dual Signatures, TILA, Contract Compliance

Rules and regulations don't need to be burdensome for you or your families. SchoolAdmin can collect multiple signatures and display the appropriate disclosures without standing in the way of getting contracts signed in a timely manner.


Reports and Metrics

Stunning Admissions Funnel 

A quick glance at your Admissions Funnel will show you your key admissions statistics: inquiry-to-application conversion, selectivity, yield - all in real time. Take it to a new level by filtering that funnel to see your key stats for a specific group.

Real-time, year-over-year admissions comparisons

Want to know how your funnel compares to your performance over the past five years? What about as of a specific date? What about for just international students? SchoolAdmin's "Admission Report" will give you this data in seconds.

Targeted Enrollment Results

The "Enrollment Snapshot" will enable you to set enrollment targets for each grade you serve and immediately help you measure your progress to those targets. 

Data & Integrations

Bulk File Import

The admissions and enrollment process often generates a lot of paper: transcripts, interview notes, test scores, and much more. Thanks to OCR and machine learning, our Bulk File Upload tool can help you import dozens or hundreds of pages of documents and associate them to the correct records in minutes.  

Self-Service Data Import Tools

Our data import tools make it easy to generate templates to make data transfer easy. Upon import, validation tools help ensure your database stays clean.

Data migrations

Your data is critical and it has to be easy to move it to other systems. SchoolAdmin's talented data team will create custom export configurations built specifically for your other school databases.

API Integrations

We believe you should have the absolute best solution for the needs of each team at your school. To that end, SchoolAdmin currently supports API-level integrations with the following partners: Blackbaud, FACTS Management, SSAT (SAO & Test Scores), Diamond Mind, and Authorize.Net. We will happily evaluate other integration partnerships that can enhance operations for our clients.


Your partner in success 

No matter how intuitive software is designed to be, you might still have a few questions. At SchoolAdmin, we believe that great teachers and mentors make a huge difference in reaching goals. That’s why we provide an unparalleled level of support and training.

Smooth the transition to our tools with our live webinar series, recorded training sessions, and comprehensive video and text help documentation.

Learn best practices in admissions and enrollment management in our free online trainings.

Improve your processes with optional on-site consulting and training  visits.

Securely Hosted

Access your admissions and enrollment data and work from anywhere, anytime. Your data is safe, secure and always backed up. Data Center and Network security is a priority and we work hard to ensure protection and availability of customer data.

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