At SchoolAdmin, we help Admissions officers realize the potential of their relationship-building talents. Our simple yet powerful recruitment features let you eliminate or automate the tedious tasks and guide you in managing how families see their place in the story of the school.

Inspire heart-to-heart conversations with a prospective family and coordinate your team with inquiry forms and smart checklists that gather relevant, intelligent and actionable individual student details.

Boost recruitment in targeted market areas by building targeted lists and outreach campaigns.

Engage families and prompt them to apply with less effort through a streamlined communication plans, complete with automated emails and reminders, and filtered lists.

Elevate your school’s yield by leveraging your brand and your process, not by sharing one with your competitors.

Refine recruitment activities based on easy-to-use dashboards of always current recruitment data.


With your compelling recruiting activities underway, erase any doubts about your abilities to fill the school’s roster with mission-appropriate students. Consider SchoolAdmin the ace up your sleeve with automated and intuitive Admissions Management software tailored to your processes.

Reach more families with a mobile-friendly admissions application that’s 100% online from start to finish.

Delight your community with a portal parents love, featuring a dynamic checklist, event scheduling, automated teacher recommendation requests, custom forms, and clear instructions on everything they need to complete an application.

Streamline the decision process with paperless reading and review of applications that even your least tech-savvy staff member will find easy to use.


The contract process doesn’t have to be so stressful, for you or your families. With SchoolAdmin, trust that you’ll be comfortable with the specifics and able to convert your rapport with students into long-term relationships.

Experience an effortless enrollment and re-enrollment season with automated contracts and online deposit payment.

Guide families forward through the process with the ability to monitor their contract completion, send reminders and amend contracts directly.

Give colleagues the information they need through integrations with other school management software applications and time-saving exports.

Thank you so much for all the work you have been doing for us. Every parent that has called with questions I have asked about how their experience has been with the system and I have only gotten great feedback. The things they are saying are exactly the reasons I wanted to have SchoolAdmin as our enrollment system.

Reporting & Analytics

The data you gather throughout the admissions process aren’t just any old numbers. They’re key pieces of information that inform your school’s decision-making and healthy future. At SchoolAdmin, we give you the power to understand and report that data in order to create a bold admissions practice.

Know the whole story of the Admissions office’s efforts with our pre-built funnel, admission, and enrollment reports and a flexible yet very easy to use search tool with saved searches that are always current.

Focus on the future with reports that let you see and set targets at a glance, filter data on any criteria, compare up to five years of data and keep track of selectivity and yield as you go.

Champion community-building by acknowledging past and present students with easy access to alumni, legacy student, and current student reports that you can turn into directories or personalized communications.

I have had THE best experience, I love it and I just tell everyone about it, it has truly changed my life in admissions and it has been like adding another person to the office.

An extension of your team

No matter how intuitive software is designed to be, you might still have a few questions. At SchoolAdmin, we believe that great teachers and mentors make a huge difference in reaching goals. That’s why we provide an unparalleled level of support and training.

Smooth the transition to our tools with our live webinar series, recorded training sessions, and comprehensive video and text help documentation.

Learn best practices in admissions and enrollment management in our free online trainings.

Improve your processes with optional on-site consulting and training visits.

The training SchoolAdmin provides, combined with the online help chats, and tutorial videos, covered all the information I needed to customize the program to my school’s individual needs. The information they provide is simple, logical, and efficient. I have been able to streamline our admissions and enrollment process saving me time and saving our school money. The year we started using SchoolAdmin, we experienced a 20% increase in enrollment.

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