How to Have a Successful Campus Visit

March 29, 2019By Cassandra BreedingTips & Strategies No Comments

The independent and private K-12 industry is constantly evolving, as are the trends for attracting and obtaining new students. However, one strategy remains consistent — hosting campus visits for prospective families.  This is a game changer in their decision-making process and a chance for them to envision themselves as a part of your school’s community. … Read More

It is That Yield Time of Year…

March 4, 2019By Cassandra BreedingTips & Strategies 1 Comment

It is that yield time of year where across all media channels, schools will be promoting their “revisit” days, “acceptance parties”, “welcome nights”, etc.  It has come to the point where admission offices will do almost anything to get a heads-up on their yield.  Which begs the question, “why not have a better idea throughout … Read More

Stay Top of Mind with Text Messaging

February 20, 2019By Cassandra BreedingTips & Strategies No Comments

Communicating with prospective and current families at the right time and in the right way is critical to your yield and retention rates.  While emails are an effective and popular communication channel, your key messages are prone to getting lost or inadvertently filtered. This is where text messaging shines because it happens in real time. … Read More

5 Powerful Features Within SchoolAdmin

January 3, 2019By Cassandra BreedingTips & Strategies No Comments

SchoolAdmin is a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, where we believe in the power of relationships and work hard with each of our schools to be the leading software for admissions and enrollment.  Seriously, we love working with admissions and enrollment professionals and understand your role. As a SchoolAdmin client, you have access to … Read More

Simplify the Evaluation Process

December 19, 2018By Cassandra BreedingTips & Strategies No Comments

At the beginning of the calendar year, schools get their review committees together and they begin the evaluation process of their current application pool for the upcoming school year.  This process requires many committees to meet multiple times during the reading season to make decision recommendations for students. Some committees may have final say over … Read More

Communication Plans: The Key to Increasing Funnel Conversions

November 27, 2018By Cassandra BreedingTips & Strategies No Comments

What if you had a tool that increased your school’s yield by increasing each conversion in your funnel? What if you successfully utilized a tool to save time by automatically sending out each communication to your valuable families, while continuing to build relationships and grow your funnel? Picture the ability to simply communicate deadlines, share … Read More

How to Build A Communication Plan

November 27, 2018By Cassandra BreedingTips & Strategies No Comments

What exactly is a communication plan?   It is a strategic plan for communicating with your families in a targeted and personalized way. Communication plans are automated actions that trigger in response to parent or admin actions. They can save time by eliminating routine tasks, as well as automatically providing useful information to applying or … Read More

I Hate to Say It, but Admissions is Sales

November 13, 2018By Cassandra BreedingUncategorized 13 Comments

Salespeople.  Ick. You’re in admissions because you are passionate about education, you love building relationships with families, you love watching all the kids you recruited over the years grow, develop and graduate.  You’re not some slimy salesperson, pushing a product. But, wait! You ARE pushing a product: your school, its culture, its values, and mission.  … Read More

The Conflicted Admissions Officer

November 6, 2018By Cassandra BreedingTips & Strategies 1 Comment

As an administrative leader in your school, should you be focusing on building relationships or managing the admissions funnel?  Where should your priorities lie? Is one more important than the other? Building relationships are fundamental to establishing an emotional connection with your current and prospective families.  Building trust and understanding plays a key role in … Read More