Wow. What a great time at the Small Boarding Schools Association. So many valuable conversations about what schools are doing to solve enrollment challenges now AND for the future. Over the past five years, all the talk at conferences has been about “Social Media Strategy.” This year’s unofficial theme was “Data.” Refreshing, to say the least.

The shift tells us more about our market. Prospective families have done a ton of research on your school before they ever click “inquire” or “apply” on your websites. They are more educated, more savvy, and keenly aware of the competition that exists for their commitment.

The corporate world is investing heavily in “Big Data” and the time has come for independent schools to shift their attention in that direction. Where we used to be focused on simple enrollment funnels, the need to take a deeper look at the challenge is evident. What’s fantastic is that schools don’t seem afraid to dive headfirst into those waters.

We’ll leave you with three questions:

  •      What are you doing about data in your admission and enrollment efforts?
  •      What questions are you asking to get to the bottom of your “enrollment problems?”
  •      Where do you think those answers are?

We look forward to helping you solve some of these basic questions. Over the next year we will be taking a deeper dive into the discussion on data and predictive analysis in admissions – to give you the tools to excel.

Keep the conversation going below…we’d love to know where things stand for your school.


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  • I have used data to make instructional plans for years. I created a data room where my teachers and I plan ways to move the students and entire campus toward success. I meet with student leaders and share state and local data. The student leaders help set goals for the campus. The students and teachers love the information.

  • I use data to 1) answer questions 2) help me to determine what questions I should be asking and 3) to provide evidence to get the resources we need in my office to fill the school with the most mission-appropriate students.

    • Great stuff, Geordie! We love to hear that schools are really using data to figure out their next steps. Thanks for being part of the conversation.

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