Billing & Tuition Management

Increase cash flow and cross-departmental visibility with reliable and efficient billing and tuition management solutions.

Now you can collect payments faster and more dependably, while avoiding feeding data into a third party system or requiring an additional log-in for parents.

Increased and more dependable cash flow

Native integration with Admissions and Enrollment tools
Parents can now apply, accept their offer, and pay all from one place, with one login—all without you having to transfer fees into another system.

Daily funds disbursement
Get paid faster with daily fund disbursements.

Automated parent pay reminders
Eliminate the headache and hours required to chase parents for tuition payments. Our system has automated payment reminders built in.

Save time and eliminate room for error

Seamless integration with accounting tools
Tight integrations with Quickbooks and other accounting tools you depend on via Stripe. No more clunky process transferring info between systems.

Automate cumbersome manual tasks
SchoolAdmin means less stress and fewer papercuts for your team by automating processes like mailing bills and chasing delinquent payments.

Automatically split payments based on financial responsibility
Have families with unique payment arrangements? We help you handle this quickly and easily.

Add incidental charges in bulk or by segment
Add incidental charges and credits to all students at once or individually.

Quick and Easy Reporting

Whether you need to report on late fees, missed payments, total revenue, or more, our system gives you the data you need to report to your boss or your board more easily than ever.

Security you can trust

Your data is safe, secure and always backed up. We are PCI Level 1 compliant, and our Data Center and Network security is a priority. We work hard to ensure protection and availability of customer data.

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