If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to remember all the prospects you meet and all the discussions you’ve had. Luckily with the right tools and some discipline, you can completely fool everyone – or at least avoid looking like the complete fool. In this post, learn how to stay top of mind with your prospective families.

Steps to Remember Your Prospects

1. Take copious notes. Write them down or – even better – type them while you are talking.

2. As soon as the conversation is over, put those notes in your CRM or database (if you weren’t already typing there directly). Add any appropriate details like what you observed about your contact’s mood, personality, or appearance (if you met them face to face and want to make sure you remember them). Just be careful not to write anything that you wouldn’t want someone else to see! (Read: They might have been a pain in the “you-know-what”, but you would never want that opinion getting back to them. Instead, you might type, “Mr. Johnson prefers to be very involved with every decision related to his son. It is crucial to keep him in the loop.”) Be real but be polite.

3. Know who they are when they call you back. Spend the first two minutes of your call engaging in a little bit of “strategic” small talk. During that time, what you’ll be doing is searching for their name in your database and reading the most recent notes. Ideally, you should have a database where it’s easy to do a quick and accurate name search and view those notes. Even better, you’ll be able to view the notes from others at your school as well.

4. Set Clear Follow-ups. You should have the ability in your database to schedule a task for yourself or someone else at your school to follow-up with a contact. It’s handy to copy the notes from your last conversation into the details for the task, because sometimes it’s hard to remember WHY you are touching base with them to begin with!


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