Recent trends in private school education and changes in the admission process make effective yield tactics a vital part of any admission and enrollment team’s strategy. With population changes, wage gaps, increasing competition, and different decision-making tactics at play, it’s imperative for private schools to find a way to maintain strong yield. One way to do that is by creating an effective yield campaign.

Shannon Champan, Director of Admissions at the University of Texas, shared 18+ of her top tips to create a comprehensive yield campaign in our recent webinar “Comprehensive Guide to Creating an Effective Yield Campaign”.  With over a decade of experience in higher ed admissions and recruitment, she’s the perfect informant for creating a campaign that yields results.

Here are five of the top strategies you can implement for your next yield campaign.

5 Yield Strategies For Your Next Yield Campaign

1. Segment by Key Personas

When families are looking at your school, they’re looking for fit. They want to be able to see themselves at your school. You can help determine fit by offering personalized experiences throughout the enrollment process.

One common tactic to achieve that is to identify 4-5 major personas of your admit pool and then ensure all of your yield tactics are personalized for each of those personas. Whether you’re thinking through relevant content to share with them, email messaging, or events, think about how each step can be personalized for each of the personas at every stage of the process.

use personas in yield campaign

Key Benefits of Segmenting by Personas:

  • Helps families and students to see themselves at your school
  • Helps determine fit
  • Creates an emotional response

Ready to get started? Download our free persona templates to start creating your school’s personas.

2. Have a Content Repository

Content is key. One way to make the admission process more impactful for your families and simper for your team is to collect all of the content pieces you plan to use at the beginning of the admissions cycle. Building up a content repository with pieces you can easily pull from throughout the yield phase is a simple way to reach families.

Furthermore, you can continue to build your content out over time as more admit pool data is collected, so don’t feel pressure to have everything perfectly set up before you begin to do this. Once you have enough content collected, you can even start to segment the content you provide based on the personas you create.

Key Benefits of a Content Repository:

  • Will allow admissions and marketing staff to easily pull the content they need when they need it
  • Ensures yield content is appropriate and speaks to the families in your admit pool

A couple of examples of the types of content to have on hand include brochures, videos, e-blast content, infographics, social posts, reminders, and more.

3. Use Social Media

One impactful way to utilize social media is to help new admits celebrate in fun ways. While social media can be used to help recruit students or build community with current students, it’s also a great way to help new students feel instantly connected to your school.

social media for yield campaign

Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a celebratory hashtag to excite and create a deeper connection with your school
  • Social media takeovers by key new admits (parents)
  • Social media takeovers by current parents or students during your live yield events speaking to how exciting it is to see new families join

Key Benefits of Social Media:

  • Increases brand awareness
  • Connects and excites new students and parents

4. Fully Utilize Your Student Ambassador Programs

Ambassador Programs are a great way to involve current students (Grades 8-12) in your yield campaign. Get your student ambassadors involved in your social media and welcome events strategy. Don’t underestimate the way that they can connect with families and help you learn more about prospective students and their parents. Additionally, don’t forget to get parent and faculty ambassadors involved.

student ambassadors as part of campaign

Here are a few ways to involve ambassadors:

  • Welcome/congrats calls/emails
  • Panelists at live events
  • Hosts for personalized events
  • Host coffee chats or welcome dinners with new parents
  • Social media takeovers
  • Instagram story tours of your school

One way to ensure your program is making a big impact is to set specific goals for your ambassadors. You can set event registration goals and encourage your ambassadors to market your events, which can help increase event attendance.

Another idea is to encourage your ambassadors to figure out concerns or feedback from the families they are assigned. They can then relay the feedback back to your admission team. This will help your staff provide better customer service and a better experience for future families.

Key Benefits of Getting Ambassadors Involved:

  • Brand ambassadors are one of the most important aspects of any yield campaign since they tell authentic stories
  • Frees up staff resources

5. Automation is Key

Automation is KEY for running an effective yield campaign. You can increase operational efficiency by automating outreach, deposit and enrollments reminders, event registration, and data tracking. Additionally, using a student enrollment management system or school admissions software that can automate processes allows you to spend more time on more time consuming or detailed yield strategies, like event planning.

schooladmin automation for yield

Key Benefits of Automation:

  • Frees up staff resources
  • More time to focus on labor-intensive tactics (like events)

For more of Shannon Chapman’s top strategies for creating an effective yield campaign, including specific event ideas, and tips on ways to send out admissions offers, watch the full webinar on-demand here.


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