Summer is in full swing and you know what that means — it’s already time to start thinking about the year ahead! With the new school year already fast approaching, NOW is the time to revisit your admissions process and adapt it to best serve you and your families. With that, we’re excited to share our newly updated Admissions Refresh Handbook to help you do a deep dive into every part of your admissions process. 

What You’ll Find In The Admission Refresh Handbook

This ebook has all of the resources you need to refresh your inquiries, application, interviews, admission events, marketing, communications, ambassador programs, website, and find more students. With our new updates for the 2021-2022 school year, you’ll be ready for your best enrollment season yet. You’ll also find worksheets and checklists inside to help guide you through your assessments. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the worksheets and checklists inside: 

  • Admission event planning worksheets
  • Marketing checklist + SWOT analysis
  • Nurture stream + outreach cadence templates
  • Website review checklist

If you’re looking for practical, and hands-on ways to make changes to your process, our Admissions Refresh Handbook is the guide you’re looking for. Read it all, or skip to the sections you want to hone in on the most right now. We know you’re crazy busy, and we want you to use this in the way it will be most helpful to you. As long as you pair this book with your creativity, hard work, and passion, you’ll be all set for your best year yet. 

[A student enrollment management system can also help make reaching your goals a little (or a lot) easier.]

Completing a full refresh is no small task. But with your skillset and determination, you’re already set up to succeed. You know better than anyone what makes your school different from the rest, and what makes it such a wonderful place to be. It’s time to take hold of this opportunity and prepare for the year ahead.

We hope the knowledge in the Admissions Refresh Handbook helps you, and your whole team, learn and grow over the summer so you can hit your enrollment goals in the year ahead. See you at the top!

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