Today we’re proud to announce the launch of SchoolAdmin’s Enrollment Management Maturity Model. This framework compares private and independent schools’ current processes and strategies against six key categories to uncover areas for continued enrollment growth and optimization.

It can feel like we’re still in the “reaction” phase of our response to COVID-19. If you want to come out of this situation stronger, now is the time to shift your focus to proactive planning for next year. This Enrollment Management Maturity Model is designed to help ease that transition.

enrollment management maturity model

What is a Maturity Model?

The first step to improving your school’s enrollment management efforts and outcomes is to measure where your program is today. And that is exactly what a maturity model is designed to do.

It gives a clear picture of where your school is on its path towards Enrollment Management Maturity, as well as specific areas for improvement.

SchoolAdmin’s Enrollment Management Maturity Model evaluates six core areas: 

elements of enrollment management maturity

There are four levels of Enrollment Management Maturity. They range from Level 1 (Engaging) to Level 4 (Innovating). No matter where you land, there are areas for improvement and growth. This is because our environment and the families we serve are constantly changing.

Interested in uncovering where you land? Reach out to our team to request an assessment. We’ll share which level your school is at today, plus resources for continued growth.

Why Did We Create It?

It’s no secret that the practice of enrollment management can sometimes feel like a lonely island. There is no degree program for admission and enrollment. There are many amazing resources like EMA, AISAP, NCEA, and TABS to help propel your school forward. But the first step to growth is understanding your baseline. 

How is your school performing compared to other similar private and independent schools? Which areas of your admission and enrollment process are strong? Are there areas for improvement? The Enrollment Management Maturity Model helps you easily answer these questions.

How Did We Create It?

The SchoolAdmin Enrollment Management Maturity Model is based on research and data, as well as interviews with enrollment leaders at private and independent schools across the country.

We looked at which factors helped a school successfully grow enrollment. And we also looked at which variables stymied growth.

Growing Your Enrollment Management Maturity

As we shared in our post on the Enrollment Management COVID-19 Response Curve, nearly everyone in the private and independent K-12 educational world is losing sleep over the same concerns right now.

Everything has been shaken up. Not just our enrollment processes, but also the day-to-day lives of everyone from our staff and faculty members to the families we serve. 

Now is the time to look to our peers and colleagues for ideas and insights. Because together, we can find sustainable success. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce the release of our latest ebook:

Under Pressure: The Playbook for Enrollment Growth in Uncertain Times 

Click here to download our free eBook on growing enrollment at your private or independent schoo

Learn from Other Enrollment Leaders

The ebook covers all of the 6 essential elements for improving your Enrollment Management Maturity. Here are a few of our featured experts and the topics they gave advice and weighed in on:

  • Jim Sellinger– Chancellor of Education for the Archdiocese of Baltimore shares his view on the importance of technology to achieve enrollment growth.
  • Kieffer Williams– Director of Admission at Graland Country Day School shares her advice for boosting staff culture and streamlining the enrollment process.
  • Rohan Arjun– Director of Admission at George School weighs in on using your value proposition in your enrollment strategy.
  • Drew Miller-Director of Admission at Cranbrook Schools shared his insight on switching to a net tuition revenue model to help grow enrollment.
  • Alisa Evans– Managing Partner at Mission Enrollment Strategy Solutions shares a solution to the looming subject of school financial aid budgets.

We’re operating in unprecedented times, but that doesn’t mean we can’t optimistically look ahead to the future. We have an opportunity to turn all of this pressure into something great.

You can do it. We can help. Go get ‘em!

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SchoolAdmin’s school admissions software can help you increase your enrollment management maturity. Our student enrollment management system can make registration, enrollment, and re-enrollment easy for you and your families.

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