Author: Claire Hollowell

How to Create and Use Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom

use virtual backgrounds in zoom

With virtual events and meetings taking center stage for schools (and most businesses) this spring, online video platforms like Zoom have become an essential part of reaching and communicating with both your internal team and current and prospective families.  Seeing the same blank, messy (especially thanks to our new officemates, i.e. our kids and dogs),… Read More

Leveraging Virtual Events to Woo Newly Admitted Students

March 10, 2020 | By Claire Hollowell
host a virtual event at your school

Your applicant pool was stronger than ever. Your offers of admission are out the door, this year you’re feeling better than ever about the strength of your applicant pool. It was all going according to plan until [cue the record scratch] COVID-19 entered the scene. Now, just as you thought you would finally be able… Read More

5 Strategies For Creating an Effective Yield Campaign

student yield

Recent trends in private school education and changes in the admission process make effective yield tactics a vital part of any admission and enrollment team’s strategy. With population changes, wage gaps, increasing competition, and different decision-making tactics at play, it’s imperative for private schools to find a way to maintain strong yield. One way to… Read More

How the Archdiocese of Baltimore Maintains Visibility of Its 44 Schools

February 5, 2020 | By Claire Hollowell
archdiocese of baltimore school

In this customer success story, we’ll share how the Archdiocese of Baltimore maintains visibility of its 44 schools in order to grow and thrive. The Archdiocese of Baltimore includes 44 schools spread across the city of Baltimore and several surrounding counties in Maryland. Each school in the diocese is highly committed to nurturing the mind,… Read More

5 Practical (and Effective) Ways to Increase Private School Enrollment

Fill the seats: increase student enrollment

The “doom and gloom” attitude surrounding private school enrollment isn’t just old-hat, it’s exhausting. And it’s not getting you anywhere. By now, you know the dynamics. Despite the demands to increase student enrollment, private school enrollment throughout the United States has flatlined. According to the 2019 US Census, enrollment in K-12 private schools remained around… Read More

How to Create Research-Backed Personas to Drive Enrollment [+ Free Persona Templates]

Man researching personas to increase enrollment

Part of being successful in admissions is seeing the forest through the trees. In other words, discovering the larger overall trends and ties that keep your student enrollment numbers strong. One way to begin doing that is to create personas.  Personas can play a huge role in your overall admission process by driving student enrollment.… Read More

Admission Decisions: How to Boost Offer Acceptance Rates

Send admissions decision letter

You’ve collected all the records and documentation, held interviews, and hosted open houses, spent a significant amount of time evaluating applicants, and reached your conclusions. The admissions decisions are made. Now, there’s just one final phase in the admission process before the work transitions to enrollment: sending acceptance notifications. But this step isn’t a small… Read More

Top Conferences for Independent School Professionals in 2020

independent school conference

In order to help kick-start your year, I compiled a list of the top 26 can’t miss independent school conferences and gatherings in 2020. As a school leader, administrator, or educator, life gets and stays busy very quickly. However, in the midst of the crazy, it’s still important to find time to take a step… Read More

SchoolAdmin’s Top Content Pieces of 2019

December 30, 2019 | By Claire Hollowell

As the year comes to a close, we’ve gathered our top content pieces of 2019 to help keep you at the top of your game and keep important topics top of mind over the holidays. Snuggle up by the fire, grab a cup of coca, and enjoy this year’s most popular content. If you want… Read More

12 Admission Interview Questions To Ask Prospective Students and Families

interview pannel with student asking private school interview questions

Interviews are arguably the most important step in the admission process. Transcripts, test scores, essays, surveys, and other application materials provide a useful overview of a candidate’s academic capabilities. But interviews, and specifically the interview questions you ask at your private school, give you insight into a potential student’s personality, interests, values, and personal goals.… Read More