Brace Yourselves. Enrollment is coming.Do you recognize the image to the right? Your students sure do. This is a meme and you’ll find countless varieties of these are all over the internet. If you haven’t already, it may be time to jump on the bandwagon and try using memes in your marketing to admissions prospects, students and families. (Hint: marketing departments in businesses nationwide have been doing this for over a year now.)

What In the World is an Internet Meme?

(It’s pronounced “meem” by the way – rhymes with team.) According to Wikipedia, a meme is an idea, style or action, which spreads via the internet. While they can be quotes, phrases, hashtags and videos, the most common are image memes (familiar images with captions). It’s not a new concept; memes have been around for quite some time. But this isn’t a history lesson… you have Google for that.

Popular Image Memes

Ever heard of “success kid,” “x all the y” or “grumpy cat”? Here they are as holiday memes:

popular memes

Want to see more? Search google for the most popular memes of the year or check out sites like

Why You Should Use Memes

  • Familiar and already viral. Your audience will be watching for them
  • Relatively quick and simple to create
  • Most are funny (I said MOST!)
  • Fun, light-hearted content for your social media feeds
  • Super easy for your audience to consume, promote and share

If you’re not thinking, “Wow James, why haven’t I been using these all along?” then you should be. But be careful, there are things you need to keep in mind before you get started:

  • Know your audience – your meme has to resonate with your audience, so keep your brand in mind when building or sharing memes. Some memes won’t be appropriate. You might want to focus on memes you’ve seen shared by your social media followers
  • Understand the meme – You have keep the meaning of the original meme in mind, then put your own creative spin on it. is a great resource to get an understanding of the history and usage of the different memes out there
  • Get Feedback – before you go meme crazy, pull in some of your current students and ask them their opinion. They’ll give you honest feedback or even suggest alternatives
  • Share it– tweet it, post it to Facebook, Instagram it or put it in your newsletter. Or, if you want to do a trial run, keep it in house to announce a play, pep rally, athletic tournament, prom, etc.

Enjoy the Season and best of luck with enrollment!

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