With SchoolAdmin joining the Finalsite family and exciting new updates and changes on the horizon, Jon Moser, CEO at Finalsite, Nate Little, CEO and co-founder of SchoolAdmin, and Elyn Roberts, VP of Strategy at SchoolAdmin, hosted a webinar to share more about how Finalsite + SchoolAdmin can help you build a stronger school. Not only are our goals, missions, and standards heavily aligned, but our products can help you fill your funnel, admit, enroll, and retain families down the line. Here’s a little bit more about the ways our companies are compatible and how our tools can help you woo your prospects, wow your families, and elevate your school. 

Beginning With a Common Goal & Mission

One thing at the heart of both Finalsite and SchoolAdmin’s company cultures is our commitment to our customers and providing top-tier customer support. We’re both highly dedicated and maniacally focused on providing schools with top-notch support and products so they can be successful and have a great experience along the way.

Our companies both have customer satisfaction scores of 98%. On top of that, Finalsite was awarded the number one place to work award in 2020 and has received many design awards for its products. Likewise, SchoolAdmin has won a Silver Stevie Award for customer support department of the year two years in a row. Whether you’re a Finalsite customer or a SchoolAdmin customer, you can expect to experience the same level of customer support and care moving forward. 

How Finalsite + SchoolAdmin Can Help You Provide a Five-Star Enrollment Experience

Together, Finalsite and SchoolAdmin can help you run every part of the marketing, communications, admissions, and enrollment process. With Finalsite’s strong digital marketing, website design, and social media tools, and SchoolAdmin’s top-of-class admissions and enrollment software, you’ll be set up to crush your goals and sustain your school. By bringing our companies together, we can help independent schools thrive more than ever before.

Finalsite can help you fill the top of your funnel with high-quality leads.

Finalsite’s tools provide you with:

  • Digital advertising
  • Website design
  • Social media management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Data analysis

A school’s website is the number one deciding factor in a parent’s decision to apply or enroll according to EMA. In fact, 94% of all first impressions are design-related. That’s where Finalsite will step in to help you create the perfect school website. They’ll help you ask: When people come to the website, what do they see? Does it engage them? Does it make them want to browse further? Their tools will help you capture a family’s attention and make sure they don’t leave your website without completing an inquiry form, applying, or contacting you in some way. 

From there, SchoolAdmin can help you nurture your inquiries, admit students, collect tuition payments, retain families, and create life-long fans of the school.

“What makes SchoolAdmin different is the fact that they truly understand the admissions process for independent schools. And beyond that, there’s always somebody there to answer your questions.

Dalia Quezada, Graland Country Day School

SchoolAdmin can help you: 

  • Manage your pipeline
  • Personalize inquiry forms
  • Set up automated communication plans
  • Customize dynamic checklists
  • Track student data and details
  • Nurture families
  • Provide online teacher recommendation forms
  • Offer payment plans and collect deposits
  • Schedule events

The Future Looks Bright!

As we move forward, you can opt to continue using only SchoolAdmin or Finalsite’s products on their own. However, by pairing our tools together, you’ll be able to effectively create and deliver a stellar family experience from the beginning through the end of their journey at your school.

As we continue down the road together, our product teams are working closely with one another to give schools the tools they need to thrive. As we align our roadmaps, new features will be released that bring both of the systems together and allow you to better align your marketing and admissions efforts. With Finalsite and SchoolAdmin joining forces, we’re here to help you woo your prospects, wow your families, and elevate your school. 

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