Rudi Gesch, Director of Marketing and Enrollment Management at Eastern Christian School, said it best, “Education is transformation.” And being able to see that transformation first hand is an amazing experience. Eastern Christian School attracts students from every background and dedicates time to help each individual flourish. This case study tells their success story.

In order to keep their enrollment numbers on the rise, the enrollment team needed an efficient and reliable student enrollment management system.

Gesch and his team used to be buried under the mountains of paper that piled up during the enrollment process. However, after choosing to partner with SchoolAdmin in 2015, they quickly eliminated their time consuming paper-based enrollment process. Their team uses SchoolAdmin’s school admissions and enrollment software to save time, energy, and stress.

“SchoolAdmin is certainly a key tool that has played a major role in our school’s enrollment turnaround,”  Gesch expressed.

With the help of SchoolAdmin, Eastern Christian School increased enrollment by 18%. On top of this, their numbers remain on the rise. Not only can the enrollment office customize and personalize communication with students and families, but they can now spend more time focusing on what matters most to them: their students.

Learn more about Eastern Christian School and their partnership with us by reading their full success story.


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