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Virtual Revisit Day: What We Learned + Tips for Making Yours a Success

March 26, 2020 | By Brandi Eppolito
if you pivot quickly, you can turn your school's in-person revisit day into a virtual event.

Less than two weeks ago we set off on an ambitious adventure: creating a virtual revisit day from the ground-up. Our aim: create robust content to help the private and independent schools that we serve, including an opening session, a panel of enrollment management leaders, four breakout sessions, and a virtual reception. That meant that… Read More

How to Create and Use Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom

use virtual backgrounds in zoom

With virtual events and meetings taking center stage for schools (and most businesses) this spring, online video platforms like Zoom have become an essential part of reaching and communicating with both your internal team and current and prospective families.  Seeing the same blank, messy (especially thanks to our new officemates, i.e. our kids and dogs),… Read More

Leveraging Virtual Events to Woo Newly Admitted Students

March 10, 2020 | By Claire Hollowell
host a virtual event at your school

Your applicant pool was stronger than ever. Your offers of admission are out the door, this year you’re feeling better than ever about the strength of your applicant pool. It was all going according to plan until [cue the record scratch] COVID-19 entered the scene. Now, just as you thought you would finally be able… Read More

12 Admission Interview Questions To Ask Prospective Students and Families

interview pannel with student asking private school interview questions

Interviews are arguably the most important step in the admission process. Transcripts, test scores, essays, surveys, and other application materials provide a useful overview of a candidate’s academic capabilities. But interviews, and specifically the interview questions you ask at your private school, give you insight into a potential student’s personality, interests, values, and personal goals.… Read More

Who Should You Involve in Your Next School Open House?

October 31, 2019 | By Claire Hollowell
School Open House

A school open house can be a keystone of your independent school’s student recruitment plan. Open houses let prospects catch a glimpse of campus life, culture, and accomplishments. But planning an open house is an enormous undertaking, involving enough participants to make sure every prospective family feels engaged and has someone to talk to. Who… Read More

How to Have a Successful Campus Visit

Learn how to host a successful visit

The independent and private K-12 industry is constantly evolving, as are the trends for attracting and obtaining new students. However, one strategy remains consistent — hosting campus visits for prospective families. Hosting a campus visit can be a game-changer in the decision-making process because you are giving students a chance to envision themselves as a… Read More

Open House Season

Stand out from the crowd

Clearly, it’s that time of year for Open House. How can I tell? Well, it’s not the crisp fall air, or the the changing colors of the trees, or even the increase in traffic in the mornings as I drive my daughter to school. No. It’s a much simpler answer. It is the 435 radio… Read More