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Independent School Admissions: What It Is and How It’s Changing

student at independent school

There’s no denying it: the way students and their parents evaluate and select schools is changing — fast. Meanwhile, many independent schools are setting increasingly more aggressive enrollment goals. But, they’re still leveraging the same outdated methods and inefficient admissions processes they’ve used for decades.  As an admissions professional, trying to keep up with candidates’… Read More

Online Checklists: Keeping Families and Schools Organized and Happy

Make application and enrollment season easier for yourself and your team by streamlining your checklists and forms for your school’s online application. Spending some time planning and organizing your application and enrollment process at the beginning of the school year will pay off when you are in the thick of the admissions season.  One thing… Read More

How To Grow Your K-12 Admissions Funnel

Grow Enrollment

Many schools spend hours searching for new approaches to reach their enrollment goals. This often ends with emphasizing lead generation over relationship building. But what if you could increase the number of registered students with the same amount of leads?  Implement best practices by focusing on the entire funnel and improve every step of your… Read More

Simplify the Evaluation Process

online review software for simple evaluation process

At the beginning of the calendar year, schools get their review committees together and they begin the evaluation process of their current application pool for the upcoming school year. This is an essential part of the admissions process. Using an online reading and review process within your school admissions software can help facilitate the review… Read More

Communication Plans: The Key to Increasing Funnel Conversions

Communication Plans

What if you had a tool that increased your school’s yield by increasing each conversion in your funnel? What if you successfully utilized a tool to save time by automatically sending out each communication to your valuable families, while continuing to build relationships and grow your funnel? Picture the ability to simply communicate deadlines, share… Read More

I Hate to Say It, but Admissions is Sales

November 13, 2018 | By Elyn Roberts

Salespeople. Ick. You’re in admissions because you are passionate about education, you love building relationships with families, you love watching all the kids you recruited over the years grow, develop and graduate. You’re not some slimy salesperson, pushing a product. But, wait! You ARE pushing a product: your school, its culture, its values, and mission. … Read More

The Conflicted Admissions Officer

admissions professional discussing yield strategies

As an administrative leader in your school, should you focus on building relationships or managing the admissions funnel? Is one more important than the other? What are the best admissions yield strategies? Where should your priorities lie?  Building relationships is fundamental to establishing an emotional connection with your current and prospective families. Building trust and… Read More

4 Ways Admissions can Connect More Personally with More Prospects

In a recent post, I wrote about 3 technologies that save time in admissions. Now I’ll focus on how school admissions teams are using some of that time to connect with prospects in a more personal, yet efficient way. The principle of “mass-personalization” is straightforward: by gathering data on individual customers, a company can target… Read More