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5 Ways to Use Social Media to Engage With New Students

how schools can use social media

Adjusting to a new school can be challenging for recently admitted students and their families—especially when COVID-19 has essentially halted any opportunities for connecting in person on campus. Often, the days and weeks before a student’s first day are fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. Given all of the heightened fears and uncertainty due to Coronavirus… Read More

5 Strategies For Creating an Effective Yield Campaign

student yield

Recent trends in private school education and changes in the admission process make effective yield tactics a vital part of any admission and enrollment team’s strategy. With population changes, wage gaps, increasing competition, and different decision-making tactics at play, it’s imperative for private schools to find a way to maintain strong yield. One way to… Read More

5 Practical (and Effective) Ways to Increase Private School Enrollment

Fill the seats: increase student enrollment

The “doom and gloom” attitude surrounding private school enrollment isn’t just old-hat, it’s exhausting. And it’s not getting you anywhere. By now, you know the dynamics. Despite the demands to increase student enrollment, private school enrollment throughout the United States has flatlined. According to the 2019 US Census, enrollment in K-12 private schools remained around… Read More

How to Create Research-Backed Personas to Drive Enrollment [+ Free Persona Templates]

Man researching personas to increase enrollment

Part of being successful in admissions is seeing the forest through the trees. In other words, discovering the larger overall trends and ties that keep your student enrollment numbers strong. One way to begin doing that is to create personas.  Personas can play a huge role in your overall admission process by driving student enrollment.… Read More

Best of Breed vs. All-in-One Admission and Enrollment Software: Which is Better?

You may have heard your role as an admission and enrollment management professional compared to that of a chief marketing officer (CMO) — and with good reason.  Much like the head of a marketing team, you’re responsible for captivating, engaging, and converting your audience. And to be successful in this endeavor, it’s crucial you’re genuinely… Read More

It’s That Yield Time of Year…

prepare for enrollment season

It’s that yield time of year where across all media channels, schools will be promoting their “revisit” days, “acceptance parties”, and “welcome nights”. It has come to the point where admission offices will do almost anything to get a heads-up on their yield. Which begs the question, “why not have a better idea throughout the… Read More

Simplify the Evaluation Process

online review software for simple evaluation process

At the beginning of the calendar year, schools get their review committees together to begin the evaluation process of their current application pool for the upcoming school year. This is an essential part of the admission process. But with so many students to review, you made need some help. Using an online reading and review… Read More

Independent School Retention Starts Now

independent school retention

What Keeps You Up at Night? This is the question we’ve been asking admission professionals over the past few months.  The most common answer? RETENTION.   More and more, independent schools are increasingly worried about retention. It’s a downright scary concept for admission professionals. You spend months guiding a family through your admission process, working… Read More

Common Applications: The Solution to Declining Enrollment?

weigh options pros and cons

In an effort to counter declining enrollment, some independent schools are considering implementing common applications. Common applications are shared regional online admission systems that allow candidates to apply to multiple participating schools all at once. The idea is that a common application process will be easier for families. The hope is the ease in applying… Read More

Brace Yourselves. Enrollment Season is Coming.

Do you recognize the image to the right? Your students sure do. This is a meme and you’ll find countless varieties of these are all over the internet. If you haven’t already, it may be time to jump on the bandwagon and try using memes in your marketing to admissions prospects, students and families. (Hint:… Read More