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CRM Software for K-12 Education: How to Make the Right Choice

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In recent years, CRM software has transitioned from a “nice to have” tool to an essential piece of technology. As we become more reliant on digital communication, the need for a reliable school CRM for private school K-12 education will only continue to grow. As a busy admission and enrollment pro, you know keeping up… Read More

How to Convince Your Organization to Invest in Admission and Enrollment Management Software

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You’ve done your research, you’ve compared multiple solutions and carefully evaluated dozens of features, and now you’ve selected an admission and enrollment management software that meets your institution’s unique needs. You know you’ve made the right choice. Now, there’s just one final step before you can begin using your new school software and enjoy all… Read More

10 Questions to Ask When Comparing Admission and Enrollment Management Software

10 questions to ask when comparing admissions and enrollment management software considering

Choosing admission and enrollment management software is a challenging decision. Not only is this technology a significant investment, but the solution you select can make or break your team’s productivity. It can also impact the ease of your application and enrollment process, the way candidates and their families perceive your institution, and your admission process… Read More

Online Checklists: Keeping Families and Schools Organized and Happy

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Make application and enrollment season easier for yourself and your team by streamlining your checklists and forms for your school’s online application. Spending some time planning and organizing your application and enrollment process at the beginning of the school year will pay off when you are in the thick of the admission season.  One thing… Read More

CRMs for Independent K-12 Schools: What You Need to Know and All the Major Benefits

As you know, all the interactions you have with families add up while they’re weighing many school options. But does it ever seem like you’re understaffed and it’s curtailing your ability to get in more face time? Fortunately, there is an easier way to manage all your admissions responsibilities that frees up your schedule so… Read More

Best of Breed vs. All-in-One Admission and Enrollment Software: Which is Better?

You may have heard your role as an admission and enrollment management professional compared to that of a chief marketing officer (CMO) — and with good reason.  Much like the head of a marketing team, you’re responsible for captivating, engaging, and converting your audience. And to be successful in this endeavor, it’s crucial you’re genuinely… Read More

Admission and Enrollment Professionals: Take Your Seat at the Table

As an admission and enrollment professional, you have a tremendous amount of responsibility on your shoulders. From building relationships with potential candidates and hosting campus visits to monitoring, analyzing, and reporting enrollment performance to top executives, your job is a cornerstone of the institution you serve. But while you do plenty of important work behind… Read More

5 Powerful Features Within SchoolAdmin

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SchoolAdmin is a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. We believe in the power of relationships and work hard with each of our schools to be the leading school CRM software for admission and enrollment. Seriously, we love working with admission and enrollment professionals. And we understand your role. As a SchoolAdmin client, you have… Read More