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How to Create and Use Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom

use virtual backgrounds in zoom

With virtual events and meetings taking center stage for schools (and most businesses) this spring, online video platforms like Zoom have become an essential part of reaching and communicating with both your internal team and current and prospective families.  Seeing the same blank, messy (especially thanks to our new officemates, i.e. our kids and dogs),… Read More

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Engage With New Students

how schools can use social media

Adjusting to a new school can be challenging for recently admitted students and their families—especially when COVID-19 has essentially halted any opportunities for connecting in person on campus. Often, the days and weeks before a student’s first day are fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. Given all of the heightened fears and uncertainty due to Coronavirus… Read More

CRM Software for K-12 Education: How to Make the Right Choice

choose a CRM for your school

In recent years, CRM software has transitioned from a “nice to have” tool to an essential piece of technology. As we become more reliant on digital communication, the need for a reliable school CRM for private school K-12 education will only continue to grow. As a busy admission and enrollment pro, you know keeping up… Read More

5 Strategies For Creating an Effective Yield Campaign

student yield

Recent trends in private school education and changes in the admission process make effective yield tactics a vital part of any admission and enrollment team’s strategy. With population changes, wage gaps, increasing competition, and different decision-making tactics at play, it’s imperative for private schools to find a way to maintain strong yield. One way to… Read More

5 Ways to Increase Your School’s Tuition Collection Rates

Are you frustrated by the amount of time and energy you and your team spend collecting tuition payments? You’re not alone. Managing tuition is a multi-faceted challenge that can derail even the most organized and efficient school business offices.  Worse, what should be a simple and straightforward process can become so labor-intensive, it impedes your… Read More

5 Practical (and Effective) Ways to Increase Private School Enrollment

Fill the seats: increase student enrollment

The “doom and gloom” attitude surrounding private school enrollment isn’t just old-hat, it’s exhausting. And it’s not getting you anywhere. By now, you know the dynamics. Despite the demands to increase student enrollment, private school enrollment throughout the United States has flatlined. According to the 2019 US Census, enrollment in K-12 private schools remained around… Read More

Student Ambassadors: What They Do And Why You Need Them

admissions ambassador

When candidates and their families begin evaluating schools, they often focus on a wide range of criteria. Of course, people want to send their children to an institution where they’ll receive a high-quality education. But, they also want to ensure it’s a positive and encouraging culture filled with opportunities to explore interests, make new friends,… Read More

How to Create Research-Backed Personas to Drive Enrollment [+ Free Persona Templates]

Man researching personas to increase enrollment

Part of being successful in admissions is seeing the forest through the trees. In other words, discovering the larger overall trends and ties that keep your student enrollment numbers strong. One way to begin doing that is to create personas.  Personas can play a huge role in your overall admission process by driving student enrollment.… Read More

Admission Decisions: How to Boost Offer Acceptance Rates

Send admissions decision letter

You’ve collected all the records and documentation, held interviews, and hosted open houses, spent a significant amount of time evaluating applicants, and reached your conclusions. The admissions decisions are made. Now, there’s just one final phase in the admission process before the work transitions to enrollment: sending acceptance notifications. But this step isn’t a small… Read More

6 Tips to Improve Your Private School’s Admission Interviews

private school admissions interview

Interviews are a crucial part of the admission process at your independent or private school. Granted, you can get a fairly clear understanding of a candidate’s academic capabilities and skills through their transcripts, test scores, and essays. However, what these application materials don’t provide is human connection. It’s hard to uncover a student’s personality or… Read More