We’ve always been passionate about creating a top-tier product to help schools and admission and enrollment professionals thrive and crush their enrollment goals. When we say we care, it’s because we’ve been there. 

We know how much goes into what you do, and we want to help you spend more time with your families by providing you top-notch tools and award-winning customer support to help you master your craft, grow enrollment, and reduce the time spent on the more tedious parts of your job. 

How It All Began 

Our CEO and Founder, Nate Little, comes from a family of educators. Both his parents and grandparents were teachers. So from a young age he witnessed the hard work, love, and care that goes into everything from the admission office’s acceptance letter to the welcome teachers give to their students on the first day. And he saw firsthand the way education has the power to transform student’s lives. 

That’s what led to the idea and founding of SchoolAdmin in 2009.  

But our CEO isn’t the only one at Schooladmin who has roots in the education sphere. Over a quarter of our team has worked in the education field. We have former preschool and high school teachers, administrators, directors of admissions and financial aid, dorm parents, teaching assistants, and guidance counselors helping us make decisions and ensure we serve schools in the most helpful ways possible.

Meet the Team (Why We Do What We Do)

Understanding your unique pain points and experiences has set our team up to provide you with an enrollment management platform that will meet your specific needs. We’ve designed our product with you in mind because a lot of the people on our team know what it’s like to use an antiquated system. 

We want you to have the chance to meet, and hear directly from a few of the people at SchoolAdmin that have backgrounds in the education field.

If you’re a customer of SchoolAdmin, you’ve likely talked to one or more of them at some point in your journey with us. Every team in the company from customer support to onboarding, sales, and marketing, is filled with people that have backgrounds in education. 

Here’s What Our Team Has to Say

Here’s what a few of our past educators shared about how their experience working in a school environment influences their work and perspective today.

Spoiler alert: it’s a huge part of what motivates them to provide a great experience for the 500+ private and independent schools we serve.

About maximizing efficiency and providing the tools to thrive:

“I’ve seen the impact that the right (and wrong) tools can have on processes and I’m passionate about making sure schools find the right tools for their needs. In this industry, where the work grows more complex each year- working smarter, leveraging technology, and finding efficiencies where you can is mission-critical. I love helping schools do just that!”

Kate Auger-Campbell, Account Director at SchoolAdmin, former Director of Admission & Financial Aid

“Once enrollment reaches a certain size, efficiency tools are needed to manage the business of the school. The core business of a school is learning. The core business of SchoolAdmin is helping schools thrive by being the best solution for managing school enrollment so school administrators can focus on quality learning programs. My personal passion is to help schools be better managed by offering outstanding tools and great customer service.”

Marla Leung, Account Executive at SchoolAdmin, former Principal and Teacher

“Being a Director of Admission in private schools for more than 10 years has been a great precursor to working with SchoolAdmin. Not only have I experienced the day-to-day difficulties enrollment managers face, but I have also been blessed to witness the tremendous success that comes from using SchoolAdmin’s Admissions, Enrollment, and Tuition Management solutions. I am excited to share myself as a resource to our schools who are looking for comprehensive, intuitive, and proven enrollment management software. I also look forward to being an extension of their Admissions teams. When schools partner with us, our team becomes an extension of their team.” 

Cristy McNay, Account Executive at SchoolAdmin, former Director of Admission

About providing support and helping schools flourish:

“Coming from a school background, I know how hard it is to keep track of everything on paper and create reports manually. My favorite thing to hear from an admin is ‘You have no idea how much time this will save me,’ because I do. The best part of my job is being able to give someone time to focus on what is really important – their students and educators.”

Jessica Yates, Support Team Lead at SchoolAdmin, former Teacher

“When you work in admission, you see every day the good you are doing for children. I’ll never forget the amazing little boy who was afraid to return to his previous school because he was being bullied or the bright and joyful little girl that had been put under so much pressure that she was suffering from anxiety and falling behind. As soon as they stepped foot on our campus, they flourished. Now that I’m back at SchoolAdmin, I am even more passionate about helping our schools find students– because I know first hand that we’re changing lives.”

Elyn Roberts, VP of Strategy & Innovation at SchoolAdmin, former Director of Admission 

“Working as an elementary school teacher, there were many times during the day that I found myself in the front office. While there, I learned about the many different jobs that are done – everything from keeping an eye on a child that needs a break to sending out individual emails to every family at the school. This knowledge has helped me in my role leading the Onboarding Team at SchoolAdmin because I learned about many of the pain points and struggles that schools go through on a daily basis. In Onboarding, our goal is to help relieve pain points, automate processes, and ultimately make lives easier.”

Erin Giostra, Onboarding Team Lead at SchoolAdmin, former Teacher

“Before SchoolAdmin, I was a Health and PE teacher for six years. My passion for education and helping kids succeed remains strong. Today, that means empowering schools to more easily recruit students and families, and helping students get into the best schools.”

Jon Cannizzaro, Sales Associate at SchoolAdmin, former Health and PE Teacher

“Having worked in admissions and marketing for the University of Texas at Austin, I approach my current role at SchoolAdmin with an incredibly large amount of empathy for the customer we serve. I’ve been on the other side of the table, and know firsthand how much work, energy, and time goes into recruiting and building the best possible class. I love working every day to make the lives of admissions and enrollment professionals easier and more enjoyable because I know it’s what I would’ve appreciated when I was in their shoes.”

Brandi Eppolito, VP of Marketing at SchoolAdmin, former Director of Marketing

“One thing I love about my role as an onboarding specialist at SchoolAdmin is being able to combine my background as a teacher with my passion for making education accessible. I know that SchoolAdmin shares this value to help families connect with amazing schools. It is such an honor to walk through the process of building a parent (and admin) friendly process to help families start their journey with a new school.”

Sarah Rude, Onboarding Specialist at SchoolAdmin, former Special Education Facilitator and Teacher

About improving the internal team and product to create the best external experience:

“My time as an Elementary School Teacher, Special Education Researcher and Consultant, and Director of Assessments built a passion for access to education, ongoing learning, and data-driven decision making. As the Instructional Designer here at SchoolAdmin, I pull from my past experiences working in education to enhance the ongoing learning and development of the SchoolAdmin team. The SchoolAdmin mission to change lives through education aligns with my own passions.”

Kathy Murphy, Instructional Designer at SchoolAdmin, former Teacher

“I’ve worked with two family-based community programs working directly with program participants and internally on the organization’s data and processes. I considered not only how we were managing things in our office, but also how the families were experiencing the program and processes. As a Service Designer here, I am always thinking about how to implement new ideas or workflows in our system, but I can also think about how they will affect the schools and the families using them day-to-day. We can all learn from each other, and keeping an open mind to that fact can make wonderful things happen!”

Cheyenne Rohmann, Service Designer at SchoolAdmin, former team member at Early Learning Readiness and Healthy Families

“My background in both admissions and financial aid helps me understand the problems schools face and how admins interact with a system. I know just how hard it can be to keep track of admissions and enrollment requirements/documents when you do not have the right tools and how difficult it can be getting all of your data where it needs to be. This has made me passionate not only about building our client sites and exports to make our admins lives as easy as possible but also always motivated me to find the best solutions to their problems. I wish I had SchoolAdmin back then!”

Sarah Gregory, Configuration Specialist at SchoolAdmin, former Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

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