We’ve all been wondering how other schools are approaching admission events in the coming year. After all, private school leaders are collaborative by nature and we do better by learning from each other. 

In order to help you get a better feel for what the admission event landscape will look like this fall, we set out to gather thoughts, feedback, and data on how schools across the country are approaching them in the months ahead. We all know that this fall will be…unique. Hopefully, the results help to relieve at least a portion of the mounting pressure our private school admission and enrollment friends like you are feeling.

What’s Inside

After surveying 75 private and independent K-12 admission and enrollment leaders from across the U.S. and Canada, we now have a much clearer picture of how COVID-19 has affected virtual admission events. Most importantly, we now have a better understanding of how schools are responding and moving forward this fall. 

We uncovered four key trends that will have a direct impact on our admission efforts: 

  1. While most schools had no previous experience with virtual events prior to COVID-19, virtual admission events are here to stay. Hope you’re comfortable with Zoom because it is here to stay my friend.
  2. Schools are opting for a combination of in-person and virtual admission events this fall. We dive into exactly which events will be held on-campus, and which ones enrollment leaders are opting for virtual.
  3. In-person admission events will look much different once they return. From face masks to temperature scans, we delve into the details of the precautions schools are taking.
  4. Schools must continue to innovate to create impactful virtual events that drive enrollment. If we want to meet our enrollment goals in 2021 and beyond, creativity is the name of the game.

We also discovered schools’ three core concerns and found out the specific ways they’re combatting those fears and preparing for a successful year. 

Who We Surveyed

Schools of every type participated in our survey including boarding schools, day schools, Catholic schools, and charter schools. We also heard from schools of every size ranging from less than 100 students up to more than 1,000. 

With admissions and enrollment directors, school leadership, marketing and communication directors, and many other school professionals engaging in the survey – we’ve nailed down the way schools have approached admission events in the past, and what they’re doing moving forward.  

We hope that by diving into these results and taking a closer look at the data points you’ll now have a benchmark for your admission events moving forward. The information can also help improve your events and change your approach if needed. Learn from others so you can host impactful events in the coming year.

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Looking for More?

The learning doesn’t have to stop here. Watch our on-demand webinar and brainstorming session: The Event on Virtual (Admission) Events to hear more about the survey and brainstorm ways to create admission events with a “WOW” factor. And learn more about our school admissions software that can help you drive enrollment and make event registration a breeze.

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