“What makes SchoolAdmin different is the fact that they truly understand the admission process for independent schools. Something we really value is that the team at SchoolAdmin understands admissions in the big picture, but they also understand that every school operates differently and every school’s admission process is a little bit different. SchoolAdmin offers the opportunity to customize the enrollment process to our particular needs.”

– Dalia Quezada, Associate Director of Admission at Graland Country Day School


Graland Country Day School is an independent pre-K-8 school in Denver, Colorado serving more than 700 students from over 30 zip codes. The school is focused on developing globally and socially conscious leaders who excel in academic studies.

The school is growing, and to keep its growth trajectory and continue to offer a personalized admissions process that makes it easy for families to apply, Graland needed a more adaptable student enrollment management platform

Reduce Your Load, Delight Families & Create a Personalized Admissions Process With An Adaptable, Well-Supported Admissions Tool 

“We’ve been using SchoolAdmin for almost three years now and are very happy with the results. The ROI is very high, with the biggest return being the level of efficiency. Our admission process is much more efficient now that we use SchoolAdmin. We have an enrollment management platform that truly supports our admission process and makes everything in our process very simple for our families, especially completing applications. SchoolAdmin benefits both our office and the families at our school.”

SchoolAdmin’s enrollment management platform helps Dalia and the entire Graland team to easily manage their admissions and enrollment workflow. They can process all of their inquiries and applications online and enroll new students. “SchoolAdmin is easy to use and very adaptable,”  Dalia said.

The Graland team chose to implement SchoolAdmin because it allowed them to customize every step of the admissions process. They also receive the customer support the team desires. Dalia shared, “SchoolAdmin’s customer support is incredible. I can get a hold of someone very easily. And whenever I contact somebody at SchoolAdmin, they know my school, they know our particular database, and they are always ready and available to help.” 

With a student enrollment management platform that molds and flexes to fit their unique needs, Graland Country Day School can continue to grow and improve efficiency so they can focus on providing families with the best possible experience. 

Here are some of Graland Country Day School’s favorite features in SchoolAdmin:

  • Customer support
  • Customization options
  • Fully online applications

Read the full case study here. Or, book a call to learn more about SchoolAdmin’s student enrollment management platform and how our tools can help your school simultaneously personalize and simplify your admissions process.

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