In this customer success story, we’ll share exactly how Bishop O’Dowd has maintained an effective admission and enrollment process, even with thousands of applicants.

Bishop O’Dowd Catholic College-Preparatory High School, located in Oakland Hills, CA, attracts students across a wide range of racial, ethnic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds from 143 different middle schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. The school provides opportunities for students seeking academic, spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth. 

Bishop O’Dowd has a prestigious reputation and significant local interest. Because of this, it’s critical for the school to maintain a highly personalized, efficient, and effective admission and enrollment process.

The Challenge: Maintaining a Personal Touch with Thousands

Bishop O’Dowd receives more than 1,000 inquiries annually. Additionally, they host about 800 student campus visits each year. Their enrollment capacity is 1,200 students. 

Because there’s far more interest in the school than available spots, the enrollment process is highly selective. And with so many qualified candidates applying each year, identifying which students to admit isn’t always easy.

To determine which candidates are the best fit at Bishop O’Dowd, the school developed a multi-step application process. During this time, the admissions team reviews academics, extracurriculars, and student interests. They take time to get to know candidates and their families on a personal level.

Keeping track of applicants can be an arduous endeavor, especially when developing a one-on-one relationship is crucial to identifying top candidates and ensuring each new member of the student body meets the school’s standards of excellence. Bishop O’Dowd needed a way to maintain its personal touch while thoroughly evaluating all applications.

The Solution: Customizable and Intuitive Admission and Enrollment Software

Kerryn Pincus Gallagher, Director of Enrollment at Bishop O’Dowd said, “SchoolAdmin has made our admissions and enrollment process efficient and seamless, allowing us to communicate with thousands of people at scale and in a way that feels very personable. Being able to have a one-stop-shop for everything is really fabulous.”

With help from the SchoolAdmin team, the school customized the solution to meet its unique needs. The school uses SchoolAdmin’s student enrollment management system to simplify its complicated application, review, and enrollment process.

The Results: Seamless One-to-One Engagement

Thanks, in part, to its strong outreach and personalized communication plans, Bishop O’Dowd continues to surpass its enrollment goals, receiving more than 1,000 inquiries per year. Their school admissions software helps them maintain their personalized outreach to so many families.

“SchoolAdmin allows us to take families and students through the process from inquiry to enrollment, and enables us to do every admission step, including file reading and peer collaboration, to make the enrollment process smooth,” said Pincus Gallagher.

Read more about Bishop O’Dowd’s story and success here. Or if you want to access this offline to read more later, you can always download a PDF version of the Bishop O'Dowd Case Study.

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