“As families go through the admissions process and look at other schools, one way you can stand out is by making your admissions process as straightforward as possible. SchoolAdmin does that extremely well, I’m not aware of anyone that does it better.”

Wesley McClure, Director of Admissions, Hargrave Military Academy

Hargrave Military Academy is a private, all-male military boarding school serving grades 7-12 in Chatham, Virginia. In order to serve their families and stay at the top of their game, the Hargrave Military Academy team needed a student enrollment management system that would provide parents with a simple and enjoyable experience and make the admissions process a breeze for their team. 

Before the admissions team at Hargrave Military Academy began using SchoolAdmin, parents struggled with the previous system. As Wesley McClure, Director of Admissions at Hargrave Military Academy explained, “Our primary pain point was the difficulty of use in the system, both from the parent perspective as well as from the admin perspective on the backside. Our previous CRM was clunky, outdated, and challenging to use.” The team also wanted to increase their efficiency. They needed a system that fit their goals and offered them the tools they needed to enhance their process.

Switching to a User-Friendly System for a Positive UX & CX

“We looked at a lot of systems, but nobody’s look, functionality, customer support, or ease of use could come close to SchoolAdmin.”

SchoolAdmin helps the Hargrave Academy team provide an unmatched experience for their families with a clean interface and great user experience on both ends. “We wanted something to look fresh and new and clean. A system that would not hinder parents from diving into the online application process. SchoolAdmin has a clean, attractive look. It’s not hard for parents to look at it and know what to do. The format is straightforward and the auto-save features improved the parent performance. We’ve had numerous compliments from parents about the ease of process and how simple it is to use,” Wes said.

The team also uses many of SchoolAdmin’s features to enhance data collection, easily communicate with families, track progress, and store and retrieve the data they want in an efficient manner.

The whole team is able to do more with a student enrollment management system that meets their needs. “As an admissions office leader, I know SchoolAdmin is the best software on the market and I would challenge anyone to take it up and use it. I think they’ll find that it not only improves their processes but it also helps improve their family experience tremendously,” Wes remarked.

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