Lincoln Academy is an independent, comprehensive secondary day and boarding school for students grades 9-12 in Newcastle, Maine. The school is grounded by its values of community, diversity, character building, and opportunity. The 550 students at Lincoln Academy represent 17 countries, and the number is only growing.

The school remains committed to finding best-fit, diverse students from around the world to attend its boarding and day school.

Find Best-Fit Students With Customizable Admission and Enrollment Management Software

The admissions team at Lincoln academy uses SchoolAdmin’s enrollment management platform to find the right families for the school. They also use it to complete the admissions interview process with students, organize student details and information, and interact with prospective families.

Check out this video to hear from Lu-Shien Tan, Director of Admissions at Lincoln Academy, and see how the school overcame challenges and thrives with an easy-to-use and highly customizable admission and enrollment management system.


If you’re looking to meet your enrollment goals with a strategic, data-driven approach, SchoolAdmin might be the right fit for you and your team. In the words of Lu-Shien Tan: “Stop the abuse. Get on SchoolAdmin. You will thank me later.”

Picking an Enrollment Management Platform to Help You Thrive

“The ability to create, strategize, and make massive decisions quickly and efficiently and not be distracted by a software and its interface is one of the most profound benefits of using SchoolAdmin.”

-Lu-Shien Tan, Director of Admissions at Lincoln Academy

You can do more than ever before with a tool that makes it easy to digest information and make informed decisions. Our user-friendly interface ensures that admissions and enrollment teams spend less time digging through data and information, and more time making impactful data-driven and strategic decisions.

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Plus, you can move forward with full confidence knowing you’re backed by award-winning customer support and a whole company that is committed to bettering their product and meeting the individual needs of each school.

For more, check out the full case study here and hear more of what Lu-Shien Tan shared.