School Admissions is an extremely tough, yet critical part of any successful independent school or college. In fact, admissions efforts generally result in more than 80% of a school’s annual revenue. However, admissions teams are frequently left with tools that are unsatisfactory, or in use purely because they came with the school-wide SIS.

In talking with hundreds of admissions directors across the country, I’ve learned that many administrative teams just don’t have visibility to all of the work that goes into building relationships with prospective students and families and moving them through the admission funnel. Alas, it’s often difficult for admissions directors to get the budget approved for school admission software.

But, there’s a solution! You can build a business case for admission and enrollment management software. 

How to Build a Business Case For School Admission Software

1. Brainstorm all of the manual/administrative tasks you’re doing in admissions today.

Some ideas include:

1. Entering data from paper (or emailed) applications and inquiries
2. Exporting contact information into a spreadsheet to do mail merges and send emails
3. Answering questions about the admission process and paperwork still due
4. Scheduling shadow days, interviews and tours

Calculate how much time you’re spending on these tasks. (Note: I’ve talked with teams spending upwards of TEN WEEKS on activities like these. These types of tasks can be ELIMINATED with many admission and enrollment management software out there. Just imagine having 10 weeks of extra time!)

2. Brainstorm all of the activities that cannot or should not be reduced.

These are the activities that help you build relationships – that improve your numbers. Activities like: 

1. Feeder school visits
2. Open Houses
3. Tours
4. Interviews

Calculate how much time you’re spending on these tasks. (Note: this list is HARD. There’s so much you do in admissions and it’s tough to quantify it all, but with time, you’ll think of almost everything. )

3. Brainstorm the admission activities you could add (if only you had additional time!)

1. More frequent school visits
2. Communicating more frequently with inquiries
3. Planning new marketing initiatives
4. More PROACTIVE calls to families and prospects

Calculate how much time you would need. (Note: These are the activities that will impact your yield or selectivity statistics. You’ll be finding more inquiries or applicants, or better communicating with those you have.)

4. Put all this information into a report to present.

The business case should be clear. Or you’ll realize that you’re fine with the tools you already have in place today!

The reality is that most school admission software solutions out there (even if the price tag seems scary) can be easily paid for based on the results you’ll see. 

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