How to Convince Your Organization to Invest in Admissions and Enrollment Management Software

You’ve done your research, you’ve compared multiple solutions and carefully evaluated dozens of features, and now you’ve selected an admissions and enrollment management software that meets your institution’s unique needs. There’s just one final step before you can begin using your new solution and enjoy all its many benefits: you have to convince top leaders—like your head of school and your board— it’s a worthwhile investment.

Making a case for any additional expense isn’t easy, even when you’re advocating for technology that will help your school overcome significant challenges. And it can be especially tough when admissions and enrollment professionals don’t often have a seat at the leadership table.

So how can you persuade those at the top to funnel budget dollars towards the tech you need?

Here are three talking points to include when pitching and admissions and enrollment software to your organization’s top decision-makers:

Return on Investment

The most important point you can make in your argument is a financial one. The first question CEOs and CFOs ask when evaluating a request for a new solution is, “How much does it cost?” And the second is, “Is it worth the money?”

That’s why it’s essential you explain how admissions and enrollment management software yields a favorable ROI.

For example, if your software allows you to send segmented and targeted emails, you’re more likely to engage candidates and their families. And with visibility into metrics like inquiry-to-application conversion, you can identify which efforts are driving results and which are falling flat. This way, you can stop spending money (and human capital) on expensive admissions events and direct marketing campaigns that aren’t driving results. 

Increased Efficiency

From responding to inquiries, nurturing leads, and arranging campus visits to managing contracts and overseeing the registration process, you and your team are the lifeblood of your institution. Helping your department work more efficiently is in the school’s best interest. But it also often requires bringing in new talent.

By investing in admissions and enrollment software, you can boost efficiency without increasing your department’s headcount. Not only does this help eliminate the costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training additional personnel, but it also alleviates the burden on existing employees. 

A great solution helps you keep all admissions and enrollment activities and data in one central, secure location. It also simplifies the process for candidate’s parents so they can provide the information you need to make a timely decision.

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Broad Organizational Objectives

Schools are becoming increasingly siloed, with each team and department focusing on their own objectives and relying on disparate software. But keeping all prospective students’ data and communications in one easily accessible location will help improve cross-departmental alignment on organizational goals.

For example, powerful admissions and enrollment management software will increase retention rates through strategic enrollment management (SEM) efforts, which, in turn, helps preserve your school’s positive reputation. And if your tool integrates with other team’s applications, you can ensure everyone is working with the same information.

While your school’s leadership cares about what happens within your department, knowing an investment can have farther reaching benefits will help solidify their approval.

Of course, no two CRMs are equal, which is why it’s critical you choose a product that meets the unique needs of your institution. If the admissions and enrollment software you select falls short, it may not pass top decision-makers’ approval. This may make it even more difficult for you to achieve buy-in for future tech investments.

Before you pitch to your organization’s executives, equip yourself with information on how the solution will impact financials, increase your team’s effectiveness, and help the school meet overarching goals. If possible, share the providers’ case studies and, when discussing CRM benefits, be as specific as possible. The better you’re prepared, the more likely you will get approval for your new admissions and enrollment management software.