Decision Day Approacheth

February 17, 2015By Jesse RobertsTips & Strategies No Comments

Decision Day Do’s and Don’t’s: I can remember clearly that Friday, many years ago, when I got “the Letter” from the school where I really wanted  to go. In fact, I had been bugging my parents every day for a week wondering when “decision day” was coming. The “thick letter” arrived, thankfully, and I was … Read More

Common Applications: The Solution to Declining Enrollment?

November 12, 2014By James CollinsTips & Strategies No Comments

In an effort to counter declining enrollment, some Independent schools are considering the idea of implementing shared regional online admission systems that allow candidates to apply to multiple participating schools all at once, otherwise known as “Common Applications”. The idea is that a common application process will be easier, leading to increased applications and increased … Read More

Has Your Online Inquiry Lost Its Mojo?

October 15, 2013By James CollinsUncategorized No Comments

It’s a pretty common story across schools that the number of admissions “inquiries” tends to be decreasing. These days, candidates are getting the information they need online, without picking up the phone or filling out a traditional inquiry form. But, in admissions, we know how crucial it is to make a personal connection early. I … Read More

A New School Year Brings a New SchoolAdmin

September 5, 2013By nateUncategorized No Comments

At SchoolAdmin, our mission is to help schools find just the right students. We do this by always learning about your needs and continually evolving our product to help you reach your goals. It was you, our customers, who told us about how you work, how SchoolAdmin works for you, and—most importantly—how there were some … Read More