The Value of Tracking Consultants or Agents in Your Admissions CRM

November 29, 2012 | By Cassandra Breeding

I recently saw a question posted by an Admissions officer on Linkedin, “Does anyone have specific CRM software for keeping in touch with your consultants, placement office, etc.? If so, what are the advantages?” Many of our customers, especially those that accept international students, have talked with us about why they believe it is crucial to… Read More

Who to Target: Is Your Website Hurting or Helping Admissions?

November 16, 2012 | By Cassandra Breeding

When I speak to Independent Schools that are keeping very good statistics on where their applicants are coming from I hear that as many as 35% of applicants make first contact with the admissions team and school when they submit their application… that’s ONE THIRD. Now think about all of the people that looked at… Read More

How Online Inquiry Forms Can Improve Inbound Marketing for Admissions

November 1, 2012 | By Cassandra Breeding

There’s a lot of talk these days about inbound marketing for school admissions. Sure, there are a few name brand schools out there that have more applicants than they can deal with, but most others need to increase their enrollment or be more selective. This means finding more candidates. Inbound marketing helps THEM find YOU.… Read More

“Mass-Personalize” with Admissions Software and a Communication Plan

September 27, 2012 | By Cassandra Breeding

What do I mean by mass-personalize? Well, for companies like it’s about delivering a personalized experience for millions of people…. by gathering thousands of data points about you, they learn about you and make product suggestions that are targeted to your interests. They don’t know you, but it feels like they do! That’s “MASS-personalization.”… Read More

Admission Impossible: Using the Web to Promote Your School

All Admissions teams are agents. You are individuals who act on behalf of another, a.k.a. your school. And every year your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to reach out to a wide range of prospective parents and inform them of how your school can strengthen, improve, and develop their children into highly… Read More

4 Ways Admissions can Connect More Personally with More Prospects

In a recent post, I wrote about 3 technologies that save time in admissions. Now I’ll focus on how school admissions teams are using some of that time to connect with prospects in a more personal, yet efficient way. The principle of “mass-personalization” is straightforward: by gathering data on individual customers, a company can target… Read More

A School’s Guide to Social Media Etiquette

With everyone entering the social media market and it being the status quo to host links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts on your website and in emails, it’s important to remember that there is an unwritten code of conduct. It’s actually been written a number of times in a number of ways however, a… Read More

A Parent’s Rant: Why All Schools Need Online Enrollment Software

I’m expecting my first child next month (a little girl!) and I’ve been evaluating daycare centers like crazy. There are some fantastic choices, but boy are they pricey: upwards of $12K per year! One thing I can’t get over is their lack of technology for enrollment. Each school gave me giant packets that I will… Read More

How to Build a Business Case for School Admissions Software

School Admissions is an extremely tough, yet critical part of any successful Independent School or College. In fact, admissions efforts generally result in more than 80% of a school’s annual revenue. However, admissions teams are frequently left with tools that are unsatisfactory, or in use purely because they came with the school-wide SIS. In talking… Read More

Real Life Hero: SchoolAdmin’s Chairman on a Mission to Save Lives

June 19, 2012 | By Cassandra Breeding

We, at SchoolAdmin, are very proud of our Chairman and Co-Founder, Jack Long. A proven entrepreneur, Jack is also the Co-Founder and Chairman and of PeopleAdmin, and a co-founder of Lone Star Overnight. Lone Star Overnight and PeopleAdmin have both been recognized as Inc. 500 companies. Jack has served as an adjunct professor at the… Read More