One of the best ways to get more inquiries is to ensure your school’s website is optimized for them. Having an inquiry form that is accessible for prospective families, clearly displayed on your website, and matches your brand and style is a simple way to reduce barriers for inquiring. Here are a few reasons using our embedded inquiry form will benefit you and how you can customize your embed forms on your website to get more inquiries: 

3 Benefits of an Embedded Inquiry Form

With SchoolAdmin, you can embed your inquiry form on any webpage that supports iframe embedding, such as Finalsite CMS composer and other website content managers.

Embedding your inquiry form directly on your school website comes with a ton of benefits. Here are a few of the biggest benefits for your school:  

1. Reduce clicks + increase conversions

Embedding your inquiry form on your website will reduce clicks for families interested in learning more about applying to your school, which can increase your conversions. 

2. Keep traffic on your website

By embedding your inquiry form directly on your website, you won’t have to drive traffic away to another page. This is a great way to help you keep the attention of your families once you’ve captured it. If you have to send families to a separate page to inquire, there’s no guarantee that they’ll return to the main school website. 

3. Create a seamless experience for families

Prominently displaying your inquiry form on your school website, or more specifically on your admissions website page, makes it easy for families to find, fill out, and continue to browse creating a seamless experience. Embedding your inquiry form allows you to collect inquiry information while controlling the overall feel and flow to ensure each family has a great experience from the very beginning of their relationship with your school.

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3 Ways to Customize Your Embed Form & Inquiry Experience With SchoolAdmin

1. Adjust the form size

Depending on your specific website page design, you may want to change the size of your form. You can select various widths and heights for your inquiry form to ensure it’s the appropriate size. We recommend a minimum width of 560 (around the width of an average mobile device), to ensure all viewers have a great experience. 

2. Edit the overall look + feel

The form you embed will adopt the default style guide of your webpage. However, you can make changes to the style by adding custom CSS at the bottom of the webpage. 

3. Spruce up your thank you page

When a parent submits their inquiry form, a thank you page is automatically displayed. Aside from thanking a family for their interest in your school, you can customize the page content to increase your conversions, showcase your value proposition, and provide helpful resources for families at the peak of their interest. 

Here are a few ways to customize your thank you page: 

  • Invite families to fill out an inquiry form for another student by linking to the form
  • Provide a link to the Parent Portal with instructions on starting an application
  • Let families know you’ll reach out to them and share additional steps or an overall view  of the admissions process
  • Include links to your social media pages or important website pages
  • Share a testimonial video or other images and videos that demonstrate your school’s mission and provide a peek into your community
  • Mention upcoming events, like a tour or shadow day, and link to a calendar so families can book a time and learn more

Embedding forms directly on your website will allow you to customize the admissions experience for families, reduce clicks, and help you provide more value at every stage of the admissions and enrollment process. 

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