Enrollment professionals are on a constant search to find ways to streamline the admissions process. With all of the hats you wear, the desire to simplify things for your team and your families is all too real. One way to do that: a few key integrations. One of the work-reducing integrations SchoolAdmin offers is a Standard Application Online (SAO) integration to simplify the application process.

The SAO is a free service provided by the Enrollment Management Association (EMA) to member schools. It allows students to submit their information, essays, transcripts, and recommendations online and apply to multiple schools at once. If your school uses the SAO, here are some of the ways SchoolAdmin’s school admissions software can make the data transfer slick and simple. We’re also sharing some of the features and use cases of the integration. 

SchoolAdmin’s SAO Integration 

There are two components to our SAO integration- the SAO application and SSAT test scores. You have the option to use one or both of the components as your school sees fit. When our SAO integration is set up, data from the SAO application will automatically be pulled over and create contact records within SchoolAdmin and populate mapped checklist items. That includes everything from application details to basic demographic information like name, grade, year, parent info, and component files. You can also have students’ past three SSAT test scores automatically pulled over.

Having applicant’s scores and detailed information available via a seamless integration is incredibly valuable because you can compile all necessary information in one central location and easily refer to it throughout the admissions process without lifting a finger. 

Ways Our SAO Integration Simplifies the Application Process

There are many ways your team can use the SAO integration to trim down your invested time and labor. It’s also customizable for your school’s needs. Only want completed SAO applications to transfer data to a student’s profile? Or, do you prefer to receive data as it’s filled in? You get to make that decision for your school with the push of a button. You can also easily select if you want to pull test scores via the integration configuration page shown below. 

Here’s a quick list of other features in our SAO integration: 

1. Automatically separates households

Parents with different household addresses are automatically listed as household one and two in SchoolAdmin. This automatic separation will save you a lot of manual work and keep your data clean. Plus when you email families from SchoolAdmin, it will automatically email the parents separately or together depending on the family situation.  

2. Run quick searches + filter with an SAO field

We’ve also created a field for application sources within SchoolAdmin so you can quickly search and filter by SAO applicants. If your school accepts multiple application sources, this is an easy way to sort and view which applicants came from which sources. 

3. Field mapping

If you want additional applicant data right at your fingertips, you can set up a few additional fields to pull things from the SAO application like an applicant’s ethnicity, native language, or country of residence. Some mappable fields we’ve recently added based on feedback and requests from our schools are ApplyStatus, ApplyFinAid, FamilyCustody, StudentEmailAddress, CurrentSchool, InterestCategory, Interest Activity, and InterestFutureInvolvement fields. This provides more data on a student’s profile and can also be used for search and in reports.

 4. Component mapping

You can associate additional components of the SAO application to different items on the SchoolAdmin checklist. This allows things like recommendation forms to automatically upload to the corresponding teacher recommendation checklist item in SchoolAdmin so it can be marked as complete. These mappings make it easier to keep track of what components you’ve received for individual applicants and track their progress.

Our SAO integration will help you simplify your application process and streamline information flow. As a result, your office can reduce tedious and time consuming manual work. SchoolAdmin’s integration features can give your school a big boost and make it easy to track more applicant information in one central location. Furthermore, with more information at your fingertips and more fields to use for running reports, gathering the data and information you need is simple.