Heights School Record Enrollment by SchoolAdmin
2010-2011 was a record admissions and enrollment year for The Heights School in Potomac, MD, with the highest matriculation rate in the history of the school. They had 13% more applications by April then they had collected by June of the previous year.

According to Richard Moss, Director of Admissions for Heights, SchoolAdmin allowed them to facilitate a level of individualized focus on families that made all the difference. “If a school has a director who has a passion to connect with families, they will easily use the SchoolAdmin tools to increase matriculation.”

It Started With Online Inquiries

“Without a doubt, SchoolAdmin increases (web) inquiries,” said Mr. Moss. But it was the communication tools in SchoolAdmin that enabled his team to do a much better job of fielding those inquiries. In prior years, the inquiry process was left in the hands of the families – they were largely names in a file. But with SchoolAdmin, Heights took control of the conversation, efficiently and effectively moving families through to apply.

A Database Admissions Directors Can Use

Because of the complexity of databases, Admissions Directors typically don’t spend much time using them. However, because of the simplicity and power of SchoolAdmin, Mr. Moss used the database every day. “With the amount of information we can capture in the database, it would be silly not to use it. I don’t think I would be ½ as good without the tools that SchoolAdmin provides,” said Mr. Moss. His favorite SchoolAdmin features are:

  • Notes: His team can quickly log notes from conversations with families
  • Reminders: He easily directs teammates to respond to phone calls, and reminds himself to follow up with prospective families
  • Quick Search: Pulling up all the notes on a family in the first few seconds of a phone call

Record Enrollment from 10,000 Feet

With admissions season approaching a close and enrollment time upon him, Mr. Moss shared a story about enrollment with SchoolAdmin. After acceptance decisions were made, his team had two weeks to complete enrollment. It had been an extremely busy and successful admissions season, so he retreated to South America for a much needed vacation, where he climbed mountains by day and accessed the internet at night. He signed into SchoolAmin to track everyone’s enrollment progress, and made calls on Skype. It was his “ultimate SchoolAdmin experience,” as he did it all from 10,000 feet.


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