international recruiting consultantI recently saw a question posted by an Admissions officer on Linkedin, “Does anyone have specific CRM software for keeping in touch with your consultants, placement office, etc.? If so, what are the advantages?”

Many of our customers, especially those that accept international students, have talked with us about why they believe it is crucial to track consultants within SchoolAdmin. Based on their feedback, we felt this functionality was so important that we built it into our admissions and enrollment software.

Here are Three Main Advantages that We Learned From Them:

  1. Organization. When admissions teams look at an inquiry or applicant record, it is crucial to know right away if that candidate rolls up to a consultant. Furthermore, they should to be able to link directly to the consultant record from the candidate page. Inversely, on the consultant record they need to see all candidates that roll to up the consultant and be able to link directly to each candidate record. It really makes it easier to keep track of everyone. This is similar to how we think about a household. For example, in many databases siblings are linked together under the same household. That way the admissions team can see the family and communicate with the family as a whole.
  2. Communication. Consultants are often the main points of contact for groups of inquiries and applicants within their region. So, when admissions teams want to send a mass email about the candidates, they don’t want that email to go to the parents or the students, rather, they want that message to go directly to the consultants. That said, if their admissions database allows them to track their consultants, assign inquiries and applicants to those consultants and to send mass emails, they simplify the communication process immensely for everyone.
  3. Tracking success to improve performance. Because candidates and consultants are linked together in one database, it becomes easy to measure how the consultants are doing. Admissions teams can run a report on inquiries, applicants or accepted students and group by consultant to analyze their performance. Good international programs are a great way to boost enrollment.

Happy Recruiting!


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