Will you be leading or following in this admissions cycle?
Will you be leading or following in this admissions cycle?

It’s my favorite time of year. Spring is in full bloom, school grounds are in beautiful shape, graduation is close, and it seems that the sports world has a different drama every night. Whether it’s the nightly grind of Major League Baseball, the NBA or NHL playoffs, or the completion of the Premier League in England, I’m in Heaven. But, my favorite part of Spring is the two week period between the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, with dreams of the Triple Crown, that ever-elusive goal.

It gets me thinking about the complexity of horse racing and the similarity to admissions. To the uninitiated, you pick a horse, bet it, and hope it comes in. Sure, there’s the Racing Form, but it’s confusing, hard to understand, and can leave you exhausted trying to make heads or tails of it. But for the experts, the Racing Form offers extremely valuable data to educate their decisions on the best horse to choose. At the end of the day, the winning horse is there – right on that form. An understanding of the  data will increase the odds of finding it.

As you are looking at the results of the horse race that was your last admissions season, did you have the right data available to you to make a good prediction about your incoming class? Were you able to look quickly at a set of benchmark figures to tell you, within two or three students, your final number? If your software and analytics aren’t helping you make that prediction properly, your school could have a drastic turn of finances in the fall. 

When the next race starts in August, will you be able to read the Racing Form for Admissions and know what horse to back?

It’s almost post time…let’s head to the window, shall we?

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