With a new year ahead of us, we’re all ready to start fresh. But we can’t forget all that we learned (and overcame) in 2020. 2020 was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride from start to finish — and we were all along for the ride. Through it all, we saw private schools continue to adapt, innovate, and seek out resources to grow and rise to new challenges. And as the new year begins, we’re reflecting on all of the issues that have risen to the top of our lists and gathered together our top 10 blog posts with some must-know information for private schools from 2020 in case you missed any of them. 

Our Top 10 Can’t-Miss Blog Posts From 2020

1. Alternate Revenue Sources Every Private School Should Consider

One of the best ways to mitigate long-term financial impacts on your school is to begin identifying a few alternate revenue sources to make up for lagging enrollment and offer more opportunities for prospective families to get involved at your school. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning. Read more.

2. Leveraging Virtual Events to Woo Newly Admitted Students

host a virtual event at your school

Virtual events are here to stay. Even if your school is back in-person, you can still use virtual events to interact with more of your families and increase your reach. Learn how you can set up an unforgettable virtual event to win over your newly admitted students in this blog post. Read more. 

3. How to Calculate Cost Per Enrollment 

Cost per enrollment is one of the primary metrics many higher ed schools use to evaluate their marketing efforts. Find out what cost per enrollment means for private school marketing, how to calculate it, and why you even need this information in the first place. Read more.


4. School Marketing 101: How to Build a Basic Marketing Plan at Your School

marketing plan for private school

In today’s world, marketing is essential. And developing a comprehensive marketing plan for your school doesn’t have to consume all your resources. Private school marketing can actually help you consolidate all your efforts and streamline the path ahead. Here are six steps to creating a private school marketing plan that yields results. Read more.


5. How to Support School Diversity Goals Throughout the Admissions Process

Diversity is essential for creating a healthy and thriving independent or private school environment. And successfully cultivating a diverse environment means you need to focus on inclusion at every point of the admissions process. Learn how you can begin improving school diversity at your institution. Read more.

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6. 5 Practical (and Effective) Ways to Increase Private School Enrollment

Fill the seats: increase student enrollment

Private schools are constantly implementing new, fresh ways to attract and recruit more students to their schools. And the schools that innovate often experience success in a variety of ways, including exceeding their admission and enrollment goals. We’ve gathered together 5 strategies we’ve seen private schools implement to help you increase student enrollment at your school. Read more. 


7. 14 Ideas to Help You Increase Retention At Your Private School 

Retention is a wildly effective strategy to help you meet enrollment goals, and one of the most worthwhile uses of busy admissions and enrollment leader’s precious and limited time. Here’s a list of 14 ideas to try to help you retain every kind of family. Read more.

8. Thinking Long Term: Financial Sustainability Tips for Your Private School 

This blog post shares a few tips to help you think long-term and ensure financial sustainability for your school in the year to come- no matter what is thrown your way. Read more.


9. CRM Software for K-12 Schools: How to Make the Right Choice

choose a CRM for your school

Get an extensive overview of CRM software including exactly what a CRM is, some of the benefits for your school, factors to consider when comparing solutions, and how you can convince senior leadership teams to invest in one of these powerful tools. Read more.

10. Craft a High- Impact Value Proposition to Differentiate Your Private School Online

Emily Cretella, owner of Cursive Content, shared her tips to help you craft a value proposition that sticks and will help you stand out as more and more parents “shop” for schools online. Read more.