Videos are increasingly becoming one of the most talked-about pieces of “marketing” for independent school admissions. While pictures are impactful, videos can help tell your school’s unique story and provide a clear value proposition. They’re also much more engaging. There are a lot of questions around when and how to use video marketing, but it’s really pretty simple.

We’ve included a couple of our top tips on using video marketing at your independent school.

How to Use Videos to Market Your School:

  1. Keep videos short. By keeping each video short, you can ensure you capture and retain your audience’s attention. You’ll also want to make sure each video is authentic to your brand, values, and messaging. One way to do that is to get people involved without a marketing mission. Many schools are even encouraging their students to produce videos – with terrific results. You can’t get much more authentic than that!
  2. Don’t rely solely on videos. A great video is nice to have and should be well placed on your site in a prominent location. But make sure your website has much more to it than that. Not everyone will connect with videos. You still need text, images, and other ways for parents to access all of your information and values. 
  3. Use video in multiple locations. Know that you don’t have to include ALL of your videos directly on your website. Instead, you can scatter them across all of your platforms. You could even use your smartphone to record little snippets from school classes, sporting events, concerts, etc. to post more regularly on your social media sites, or to send in an email to prospective families. 
  4. Get more people involved. Encourage your entire faculty to record their own snippets and share them with you! You never know when someone might capture that priceless moment. Plus, teachers often have an inside look at their students and can capture activities, experiments, or other class memories. Students can also help provide great perspective for families by sharing what they love about your school. And student ambassadors can be featured in your video campus tours, or videos on the forefront of your website. 

Here’s a great example that recently made the news and went viral from the Coronado High School basketball game. Just imagine the wonderful publicity for both schools involved!

While it’s definitely produced, here’s a fantastic video for The Delphian School. I’m willing to bet that after you watch this, not only will you want to go to boarding school yourself, you might even feel guilty if you aren’t providing that experience to your kids! Pretty amazing.

Video marketing is a powerful tool. You can use it to connect with families, provide more information, entertain, and showcase your school spirit and campus culture. The options are endless. With some key best practices in mind, and collaboration with your team, your school can take your video marketing efforts to the next level.

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