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Last week I attended Word of Mouth Crash Course, the “How to be great at Word of Mouth Marketing” conference. My main takeaway from the event is that Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing is all about ‘sharing’ and enabling that sharing by means of advertisements, banners, branding vehicles with a wrapping professional service, etc. Since we focus on school admissions here at SchoolAdmin, I wanted to share this lesson as it relates to you (the admissions office). How can schools use Word of Mouth marketing to attract prospective students and parents?

Here is “Lesson 1” on Word of Mouth Marketing for schools, based on the talk by  Andy Sernovitz (@sernovitz)

  • Word of Mouth (WOM) can be defined as “Giving people a reason to talk about YOUR stuff. And making it easier for that conversation to take a place (by providing the tools).”
  • Word of Mouth topics should be:  Portable, Repeatable and Emotional.
  • “Nobody talks about chocolate” because everybody already knows it’s great. Use your blog, social media and videos to share information that’s new and worth talking about.
  • Think about your school this way: Would your teachers, current parents or alumni talk about your school to other prospective students and parents? Would they recommend you? Are they excited?
  • LOVE is the key to Word of Mouth Marketing. If parents, students and faculty love your school, they will talk about it. LOUDLY.
  • Advertising is the cost of being boring. If your school is not interesting enough for others to talk about, you’ll be forced to pay to talk about yourself.

If you make Word of Mouth Marketing your focus, you will create an “army of fans.” And an army of fans will undoubtedly make school admissions easier!

Look forward to some more interesting lessons from this conference that would help your schools.

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