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Recently I attended Word of Mouth Crash Course which focused on the importance of word of mouth and  on how to be great at WOM marketing. At SchoolAdmin, our goal is to build the best software for admissions and enrollment that can help school admissions teams build relationships with students, parents and alumni. Word of Mouth can be a very helpful tool to build those relationships.  The goal of this blog post is to share what I learned from the WOM course and  how schools can apply that in their marketing plan. My previous post, Word of Mouth Marketing for Schools: Lesson 1, focused on how schools can build an ‘army of fans’. Here’s “Lesson 2” based on the talk by John Moore (@Brandautopsy)

  • Word of Mouth is about making emotional connections with your customers. For schools, that means students, parents, alumni faculty, staff and prospects.
  • For Word of Mouth to happen successfully, two things must occur:
      1. Someone must talk: People talk because they have something interesting or valuable to share – it makes them feel important.  For Schools, these talkers could be the current students, parents, teachers, etc. who love to talk about how amazing your school is. They become your trusted ambassadors.
      2. Someone must listen: People listen because they trust the person who is talking and are interested in what they have to say. The prospective students and parents who are interested to know more about your school want to listen and learn as much information as they can from the people they trust would provide accurate information.
  • BE UNIQUE – It is not about how big your idea is. It’s about how interesting your idea is. What makes your school shine above others?
  • TELL STORIES – We all love a good story. People are hungry for more information, but they want it to be interesting. Give them that information in the form of a story to capture their attention.
  • IMPROVE A LIFE – Show how your school is improving the life of your students by empowering them to be successful.
  • RIGHT A WRONG – Talk about how your school believes in a balance between classroom and extracurricular activities (in comparison with your competitors).
  • MAKE “good” BETTER – Encourage your students to be  leaders and innovators.

Always remember, “A company’s (school’s) everyday personality is, was, and will be its best form of marketing.


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