Customer Story

“I would encourage anyone who is interested in SchoolAdmin to try it. I’m confident that this is the best product on the market.”

Rebekah Jackson, Senior Director of Enrollment Management at The Bryn Mawr School

How The Bryn Mawr School Embraced Virtual Enrollment Management to Optimize the Enrollment Process

The Bryn Mawr School is a private pre-kindergarten through 12th-grade all-girls school located in Baltimore, Maryland. As the top-ranked private school in Baltimore, the school offers exceptional educational opportunities and a vibrant school community for girls to learn and lead. 

In order to maintain its place at the top of the pack and make it easier for the admissions office and families to efficiently complete the enrollment process, Bryn Mawr needed to switch to an entirely paperless system. The team needed to be able to access key data and complete tasks crucial to the enrollment process anytime, anywhere. 

Watch Rebekah Jackson, the Senior Director of Enrollment Management, discuss how SchoolAdmin enabled her school to go paperless with its admissions process. 

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The Problem: A Cumbersome Review Process and Lack of Accessible Data

One of the biggest problems Rebekah Jackson, Senior Director of Enrollment Management at The Bryn Mawr School, and her team faced was the hassle and inefficiency of a  paper-based file review process. She said, “When I came to Bryn Mawr, we were still circulating paper files, which was a huge hassle and slowed down the entire process. I knew I needed a system to help us go paperless and improve efficiency.” 

With so many committee members circulating student files for review, and unexpected events like snow days or pandemics making it impossible to exchange files, the entire application review process was bogging the team down. 

Additionally, Bryn Mawr’s previous system lacked the reporting capabilities the school needed and made data collection arduous. Jackson said “In order to run sophisticated reports, all of our users needed training. It was difficult to view and run reports on the data I needed.” Without easily accessible data, the team wasn’t able to use the information at hand to make strategic or quick decisions. 

Those two major problems left Jackson looking for an enrollment management platform that would provide efficiency, accessibility, and ease for her office and all of the reviewers so that the bottlenecks in the admission and enrollment process could be removed. 

The Solution: A Modern Enrollment Management Platform That Saves Time and Uncovers Insights

Jackson and her team chose to implement SchoolAdmin at their school because “SchoolAdmin was one of the few products that had a fully automated and online review process. We wanted to go paperless with our admissions process, and doing so has been enormously helpful for navigating the enrollment process during a pandemic.” With a fully online application review process, multiple committee members can simultaneously review the same files, drastically speeding up the process. 

SchoolAdmin’s robust feature set and specifically the customization, reporting, and integration capabilities convinced Jackson that she was making the right decision. She said, “I was impressed with the features SchoolAdmin offered. We can customize emails, communication plans, and reporting. SchoolAdmin also integrates with our existing software which was a necessity and stood out from other competitors.” 

SchoolAdmin has allowed the team to customize their communication and tailor their automated communication plans to their many unique audiences. They’ve also been able to continue to enroll students despite having to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of online enrollment contracts for new and returning students.

The Result: A Well-Oiled Machine Primed to Grow Enrollment Virtually 

“The biggest benefit of SchoolAdmin has been the online review process. I also really appreciate the advanced reporting and ease of running lists. SchoolAdmin has been super helpful and saved a lot of time with data collection and analysis. They’re constantly improving and rolling out new features adding even more benefits.”

Rebekah also said, “SchoolAdmin has helped us continue to be efficient during the pandemic and given us the ability to keep everything running smoothly. We were also able to handle an influx of applications that came in from our homes with the help of SchoolAdmin.” 

She expressed that, “every part of our enrollment process has been enhanced. The onboarding process was easy and our faculty and administration quickly learned how to use the online review features. Our communications have vastly improved with segmented automated communication plans. And, families can complete the admissions process fully online without confusion. They especially love the personalized checklists.” 

With award-winning support backing them every step of the way, The Bryn Mawr School is set up to thrive, no matter if they must complete the admission and enrollment process from campus or from their couches. Jackson shared, “The level of customer support has exceeded my expectations. I love the chat feature and always get a quick response. The SchoolAdmin team is easy to reach and very responsive. I would encourage anyone who is interested in SchoolAdmin to try it. I’m confident that this is the best product on the market.” 

Bryn Mawr School’s Favorite Features in SchoolAdmin