Retention Starts Now

November 24, 2015By Jesse RobertsTips & Strategies No Comments

What keeps you up at night? This is the question we’ve been asking admission professionals over the past few months during AISAP’s Sponsored Roundtable conversations (Coming soon to a town near you, just ask!). The most common answer? RETENTION.   More and more, schools are increasingly worried about Retention. It’s a downright scary concept for … Read More

Open House Season

October 16, 2015By Jesse RobertsTips & Strategies 3 Comments

Clearly, it’s that time of year for Open House. How can I tell? Well, it’s not the crisp fall air, or the the changing colors of the trees, or even the increase in traffic in the mornings as I drive my daughter to school. No. It’s a much simpler answer. It is the 435 radio … Read More

Stronger Relationships. Higher Yield.

July 23, 2015By Jesse RobertsTips & Strategies 3 Comments

What a fantastic week of Admissions conversations in Baltimore at the Association of Independent School Admission Professionals (AISAP) Summer Institute! It is truly remarkable how far AISAP has come over the past ten years. The program variety and strength of the Institute is testament to the dedication and passion of Admissions professionals. To that end, … Read More

The Race is On…

May 13, 2015By Jesse RobertsTips & Strategies, Uncategorized No Comments

It’s my favorite time of year. Spring is in full bloom, school grounds are in beautiful shape, graduation is close, and it seems that the sports world has a different drama every night. Whether it’s the nightly grind of Major League Baseball, the NBA or NHL playoffs, or the completion of the Premier League in … Read More

“Big Data” and schools…

March 31, 2015By Jesse RobertsTips & Strategies 3 Comments

Wow. What a great time at the Small Boarding Schools Association. So many valuable conversations about what schools are doing to solve enrollment challenges now AND for the future. Over the past five years, all the talk at conferences has been about “Social Media Strategy.” This year’s unofficial theme was “Data.” Refreshing, to say the … Read More

That Yield Time of Year…

March 18, 2015By Jesse RobertsTips & Strategies 1 Comment

All across social media channels, we have seen traffic from schools hosting their “revisit” days, “acceptance parties”, “Welcome nights” and more. It has come to the point where admission offices will do almost anything to get a heads-up on their yield. Which begs the question, “Why don’t you have a better idea throughout the process?” … Read More

Decision Day Approacheth

February 17, 2015By Jesse RobertsTips & Strategies No Comments

Decision Day Do’s and Don’t’s: I can remember clearly that Friday, many years ago, when I got “the Letter” from the school where I really wanted  to go. In fact, I had been bugging my parents every day for a week wondering when “decision day” was coming. The “thick letter” arrived, thankfully, and I was … Read More

Common Applications: The Solution to Declining Enrollment?

November 12, 2014By James CollinsTips & Strategies No Comments

In an effort to counter declining enrollment, some Independent schools are considering the idea of implementing shared regional online admission systems that allow candidates to apply to multiple participating schools all at once, otherwise known as “Common Applications”. The idea is that a common application process will be easier, leading to increased applications and increased … Read More

Online Registration Software for Charter Schools: More than “Green”

September 21, 2012By James CollinsTips & Strategies No Comments

Many might assume that the role of a Charter School Admissions Officer is easy. Since Charter schools are required to accept candidates solely based on space availability, there must be little work other than collecting applications , running a quick lottery, and collecting registration forms. It’s not about building relationships like a selective private school … Read More