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We love SchoolAdmin! You have the best customer service and best admission system functionality. In an industry that is rooted in the power of positive relationships, it is such a gift to work with a company where we can build great working relationships.

Amanda Grace, Episcopal High School

My favorite feature is the "contact support" chat option. The staff is so helpful, quick to respond, and well-informed. I am able to use SchoolAdmin's powerful capabilities with the help and ideas provided by the support staff.

Heather Rush, Bishop Hartley High School

27 minutes

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The training SchoolAdmin provides, combined with the online help chats and tutorial videos, covered all the information I needed to customize the program to my school’s individual needs. The information you provide is simple, logical, and efficient. I have been able to streamline our admissions and enrollment process saving me time and saving our school money. The year we started using SchoolAdmin, we experienced a 20% increase in enrollment.

Kathy Smith, St. Joseph School

I love you guys because you are so responsive. The support team is always there for me. I love Search & Reports in SchoolAdmin and how fast and easy it is to create custom reports.

Nicole Humlicek, Grace School


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Site Uptime

I just got to see how dynamic the product is.  I was told a request I had made would be sent to the "development team".  I assumed this was where ideas went to die, but I was pleasantly surprised as these ideas would become part of new releases. It was exciting to see the product grow to meet the ever changing needs of the industry.  I loved having this extension to our Admissions team!

Sarah Taylor, Riverstone International School

Our approach

Simply, we are here for you and your school.  Our passion and reward is helping you and your school achieve your goals.

We will always try to give you the best possible guidance.  Sometimes, it may not be an easy answer.  Sometimes, it may not be right for your school.  If that happens, please let us know so we can improve.  Personal and professional growth is a core value of ours.

Our focus is being responsive to your needs which is why we offer free, unlimited, support via phone, chat, and email along with a comprehensive knowledge base and training videos.  We also offer on-site consulting services for those looking to evolve their processes.