RecommendationOver the past year, the team here at SchoolAdmin has been working diligently to build a new feature into our Admissions Module that we are all really excited about: Online Teacher Recommendations. We talked to admissions directors from across the country, both customers and non-customers, to understand the nuances of each teacher recommendation process, and we’re so proud of our newest addition.

How it Works

Transitioning your teacher recommendation process to an online process is simple. We understand that many types of forms and surveys are used for this process and we’ll do the work to bring your forms and surveys online. The following describes the basic steps for each person involved in the online recommendation process.

For Applicants / Families

  • Applicants submit the request, including the contact information of the teacher / administrator 
  • Applicants see when the form has been started/completed
  • Recommendations remain confidential – applicants never see details
  • The recommendation process is tracked in their admissions checklist

TeacherRec SubmitScreen

For Teachers / Other Recommenders

  • Teachers receive an email with a link to the recommendation form and simple instructions
  • Teachers see a guarantee that their completed recommendation will NOT be viewable by the family
  • Teachers complete and digitally sign the secure, confidential online form
  • Teachers have the option to decline the recommendation request

TeacherRec LikertScreen

For Admissions Staff

  • SchoolAdmin creates online recommendation forms based on your current forms using our powerful form builder
  • Admissions staff can see the status of parent and teacher progress at any time
  • Completed recommendations can be viewed and easily printed from within the SchoolAdmin Admissions Portal

Already a SchoolAdmin Customer?

You have been automatically upgraded to SchoolAdmin with teacher recommendations at no additional charge. If you haven’t already, please talk with your Account Manager to get the setup process started.

And as always, we are working on more features to simplify your world, so stay posted for more exciting functionality to come!


What recommendation processes does the new feature not support?

If you are part of a consortium, you still may be able to use the online recommendation process. While some consortiums have rules against online recommendation systems, others allow teachers to print out recommendation forms from an online system and be sent to all of the schools.

What if more than one person is involved in the recommendation sign off process?

In the first version of this feature, dual signatures (or multi-step sign off processes) are not supported. However, schools can create a separate standalone Principal/Administrator recommendation form as a temporary workaround.

Do I have to have the SchoolAdmin Admissions Module to use Online Teacher Recs?

Yes. Online Teacher Recommendations is not currently a standalone product.

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