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Time Saving

Create automated communication plans with families and set automated internal reminders for you and your staff.

Managing admissions and enrollment has never been so easy

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Learn the best practice for recruiting the right families for your school and how to fine-tune your marketing strategies to successfully deliver your school's brand promise. 

See how you can successfully market and prospect to families and have the data flow into SchoolAdmin.


Let parents book appointments with your school online. Send calendar invites to parents for visits, interviews, test or play dates.

Easy-to-use Reporting

Instantly compare your performance over the years with SchoolAdmin's admission reports.

Trusted by 500+ of the most successful schools, big and small.

Recruit. Admit. Enroll. Retain.

Powerful & Customized CRM

Make data-driven decisions and never miss a touchpoint or reminder. Learn about prospects with a quick scan. 

Personalized Communications

Send personalized emails based on your inquiry and admissions workflow. Reach your community via text messaging.

Easy Application Process 

Provide parents quick access to their child’s application, and the ability to save their work and come back later to finish. 

Efficient Registration Management 

Allow families to easily sign electronically, pay deposits, complete registration forms and upload documents online.


Allow parents to quickly engage with schools via mobile devices—even your inquiry forms and applications. 

Advanced Data Integrations 

Our data import tools make it easy to transfer data. Upon import, validation tools help ensure your database stays clean. We also have API-level integrations with partners including Blackbaud, SSAT, and more. 

From the beginning of our time working with School Admin, we've had a great experience. From sales to implementation to actually using School Admin, we've only had friendly service with great response time. It has added much value and allowed us to keep in touch and know exactly where families are in the process. We could not recommend School Admin enough! "

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Shannon F.

Enrollment Coordinator

Ashley D.

Database Coordinator

The best part of this software was the feedback we received from applying families about how easy to use the interface was. My staff also very much liked the fact that we could keep track of how many events families attended as well as how much communication they received. "

"Very Useful Product for Admissions. 

"Everything you need to go from interested to ENROLLED.

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SchoolAdmin, LLC 4315 Guadalupe Street Suite 303 Austin, TX 78751


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