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I love twitter. I think it is a great tool to convey your thoughts in a brief concise manner and be to the point. So when I recently came across this wonderful article on 100 ways to use twitter in education, I got really excited.

The piece focuses on how schools can integrate Twitter into the classroom, but it also provides great advice on how schools can use Twitter in marketing campaigns to effectively reach parents and students. Now, 100 things is a lot to remember, so I decided to select the 10 most important things to take away that can help schools take advantage of twitter’s potential as a marketing tool.

1. Learn how to use hashtags and choose relevant ones – Hashtags are the words which follow the # sign in twitter. It is a
great yet simple way to organize relevant tweets.
2. Learn from others and share (Retweet) that information
3. Ask (and answer) questions
4. Always credit your sources and say thanks
5. Take part in “Follow Fridays” – #followfriday is a neat way to make suggestions to people on who to follow.
6. Create your own chat to connect with parents and get their inputs
7. Pass on information about events and updates
8. Share across platforms – It is important to integrate your twitter with your other social media accounts such as
Facebook, YouTube, etc.
9. Establish your brand to create school spirit

And most important of all:

10. Tweet regularly!!!


Posted by Sharanya Srinivasan

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